kirschundkern, the makeup label from Christina Sieberer, which also stands behind this blog, collecting creative moments and memories, worth sharing. The label kirschundkern was founded 2016, but the blog, which is something like a little diary, was founded 2017. On Christinas main site you can find her portfolio as a makeup artist and illustrator, on here, she writes about makeup, beauty, art & photography and all the things she likes about these topics. It’s a place to hang out and find out more about her background.

Christina grew up searching for the right things, things channeling her and her creative mind. After graduating as an engraver, she worked several years in Switzerland. In this time she needed to grow up, find herself and find out, what she loves. 2013, after coming back to Austria, she started to study mediadesign in Salzburg, finished her bachelor degree and is now working on her master degree while working as a freelance makeup artist full time. That’s when she realized, she wanted to share her thoughts and creativity with other people and started this blog.

Any questions – ask Christina!