Beauty: Beauty Is Much More Than Only Makeup And Hair

    Beauty is so much more than only makeup and hair. You are beauty. It’s your body and your soul. Being confident in your own body. Feeling beautiful and making yourself feeling beautiful. Not doing what others tell you, but what you love. Allowing your body to feel and be. Not restricting yourself with makeup or fitness, but doing it because you love it. Doing all the things you love and allowing yourself to be happy. Making yourself happy and not…

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  • boy beat

    Makeup: The Boy Beat Look

    So this boy beat look is cruising around the internet now for a while and I thought I take my own spin on it. I first heard about it in an interview…

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    Makeup: Male Makeup

    For all my male viewers or all the makeup artists out there, always wanted to see a beauty makeup on a male model. I did film a little video while I…

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    Makeup: Nyx Face Awards 2018

    Most of you might have already seen the video, but I thought I give you a little post here as well, for some details and thoughts behind the video for the…

  • Beauty

    Beauty: My First Workshop

    After all the planning and promoting I had my first workshop on Saturday.  Thinking of my career path, I’ve never thought, that it’s going to be teaching. Actually I always thought,…

  • festival makeup tutorial

    Makeup: Festival Makeup Tutorial

    It’s time for the festival season! I had so much fun doing this festival makeup tutorial, you guys can’t even guess how much fun it was! Now it’s colorful, glittery and…

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    Beauty: How I Challenge Myself

    If you read my New Year New Challenges post about a month ago, you know what will come next. If you haven’t, here’s a quick update. I don’t stick to new…