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    Hair: I Shaved My Head

    Today’s post is on a little bit of a different note. It’s still beauty and it definitely is hair, but it’s also a really personal one. I shaved my head. Yes, you heard it right, I shaved my head. Why? That’s what this post is going to be all about and also a lot more. But read for yourself. Why I shaved my head Well, there are a few reasons. First, because I always wanted to know, how I look…

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    personal: A little timeout

    You might think, what, she has been on vacation the last week, what does she mean with timeout now? Yes, you are right, I have been on vacation and still I…

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    personal: thoughts on pride

    Today, I’m celebrating my 26th birthday and that’s why I want to shed some thoughts about pride. In our society pride always tends to have a bitter aftertaste. It’s always connoted…

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    personal: My therapy

    I’m a person which thinks a little bit too much. I decompose things in my head over and over again and it suddenly totally freaks me out and I get overwhelmed…