I love it, when shootings come out the way I imagined, or even better. But let’s start from the beginning.

Daniel, my boyfriend, and I are both in the same, the creative, industry. He is a photographer and videographer currently doing his bachelor studies and I am a mediadesigner as well as a makeup artist. So our interests match at a lot of points. The funny thing is, I didn’t know, how good he was until we had our first shooting together a few days ago with the beautiful Model Luisa.

We messaged Luisa, because we loved her look and asked her, if she would like to shoot with us. And thankfully she said yes and we found a day we all had a few hours spare. So she came to our home, I did her makeup and we looked for cool outfits. She brought along a lot of great outfits we could shoot – so we picked one for the first look.

I actually loved the first look already. Here are a few pictures Daniel took.

After two sets – with and without the coat, we went back to our house, which is just a few steps away from this incredible location and switched outfit. Daniel also took his polaroid and the old Nikon FE2 to the next locations.

I always love the mixture of digital and analog work, as I’m also always switching between digital and analog work because of my job. I’m always happy about people who do the same. Daniel has a whole collection of old cameras and most of them are still working! Which is really great and for me always impressive how great the output and how individually the outcome can get. I kind of dig the analog pictures more – that’s why I also included this black and white series – because of the grain it also looks analog although it’s shot with the Canon Camera.

But where was I. Yes, second location – I did not even know that we had this cool looking trailer next to our house – now I know… and man, it’s the most incredible location Daniel could have chosen for the second outfit – it fitted so well. But let’s see what you guys think…

I can not include all the pictures, but still there are a few more from the last location. I wanna show you!

I really loved to work with you both – thanks for the great day and thank you Luisa for your time and for your trust.

And Daniel, you definitely have the eye for it, I love how you capture moments and you should go on like this!

What do you guys think about the first shoot we did together, do you like it, should we go on like this?


Photos: Solymár Photography

Model: Luisa Penkalla