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    cruelty free makeup

    Makeup: Cruelty Free Makeup Products

    Some of you might know, that I’m a vegetarian, which means, I don’t eat animals and I do appreciate the fact, that a lot of makeup brands are cruelty free or transfer towards going cruelty free. This post isn’t only really important to me, but also I did get a few requests to do a tutorial using only cruelty free products. Now, of course I also did a video, using only cruelty free brands, but also in this post, I…

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  • carnival makeup tutorial

    Makeup: Carnival Makeup Tutorial

    Ladies, it’s that crazy time of the year where everybody is able to slip over a new identity for a night and be whom ever they want to be. I’m always…

  • new hair new makeup

    Makeup: New Hair New Makeup

    We all know the phrase “New Hair – New Me”. As you know me, I like to change up my hair quite often and every time I do so, I feel…

  • natural glitter glam tutorial

    Makeup: Natural Glitter Glam Tutorial

    This natural glitter glam makeup is for all of you out there, which love to wear a natural look, but like to switch it up sometimes. I created this makeup tutorial…

  • valentines makeup tutorial

    Makeup: Valentines Makeup Tutorial

    For all of you out there, loving to dress up for their beloved one especially on the day made for love, this tutorial will “match”. This valentines makeup tutorial is a…

  • brown smokey eye

    Makeup: Sexy Brown Smokey Eye Tutorial

    A brown smokey eye is known as a classic and definitely a staple in the makeup industry. For me a brown smokey eye screams sexy and vampy and is perfect for night outs…