I love to safe some time in my day-to-day makeup and beauty routine. Some of these beauty tricks helped me out over the years. Not only in my everyday life, but also when it comes to my job as a makeup artist. I thought I share them with you, because you might also benefit from some of these easy but life changing beauty tricks.

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10 Easy But Life Changing Beauty Tricks

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If you struggle with acne prone skin or pimples, try a tea tree oil solution. You can easily make it by yourself! Mix a few drops of tea tree oil with water, but it into a spray bottle and voilá, your struggle is over. Just spray it after washing your face and before skincare. Your skin will thank you later.

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We all love long and curled lashes. Try to blow dry your lashes up, when you dry your hair next time. This keeps them curled and looking fuller, when applying mascara afterwards. Also a good trick is, blow dry your lash curler before using, to keep the curl longer.

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If you do like full covering makeup, but still want to look natural. Take a brown eyeliner or your brow pencil and draw your moles back in. This will make your makeup look way more natural. Going hand in hand with this beauty trick, draw birthmarks on your pimples to hide them.

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To give a glowy and natural finish to your skin, try lip balm or vaseline as highlighter on your cheeks, nose and even on your eyes. A slightly rosy tinted lipbalm would also work as blush. This method will make your makeup also look cohesive and put together very easily.

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Make your credit card work for your makeup. You can use a card for a clean and sharp line on your eyeshadow, by only holding it onto your skin and work the eyeshadow on your eyes. After eyeshadow, use the credit card to put on your lid while applying mascara, so you don’t mess it up.

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Use your favorite highlighter on your lid, for an everyday fresh makeup look. For opening up the eyes, pop a little bit in the inner corner and for an overall look, accent the middle of the lid with some highlighter and slightly bring it over the crease. Also perfect for no makeup days.

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To ticken up your hairline or to hide some grey hairs, use brown eyeshadow, which has the same color as your hair. This will not only make your hair look thicker, but also the hairline look cleaner. A super trick on the go, if you didn’t have time to wash your hair or color your hair.

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To make your foundation last longer, spray some setting spray on your moist sponge. This will press the setting spray in with the foundation and make it last all day and night. Also after setting your whole face after powdering, use your wet sponge again and press with little pressure over the skin, so the product really is worked into the skin. (this might need a little practice, to find the right pressure)

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Nobody likes to have crusty looking dry lips. A super easy and fast trick while you’re traveling or on the go is to use a toothbrush with only a bit water on it and scrub your lips with it. This not only will get rid of the dry patches, but also will activate the blood flow and make your lips look rosy healthy and kissable again.

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To compliment your eyes and make your eye color pop, use colors which are complimentary to your eye color. Applying a eyeliner or eyeshadow on the lower lash line in a complimentary color makes such a change. Your eyes will look more open and the color will pop. For my blue eyes, copper and orange is the way to go. Brown eyes can go from a dark copper to rusty color (depending on the darkness and undertone), for green eyes go in with some plum, hazel eyes will pop with navy blue.

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Which trick is your fav and which one will you try? Comment down below!