You might think, what, she has been on vacation the last week, what does she mean with timeout now?

Yes, you are right, I have been on vacation and still I planned a timeout for the next two weeks. I will be in Kalbe, a little town next to Berlin. I will take time of from my day to day business, no weddings, no jobs. Only me and my master project, only me and art and my brain.

My master project, it’s kind of a personal thing, which as well is kind of sucking my energy and needs my full attention, as I want it to be me and my memories. I want everybody to see and feel what I felt. And for this to happen I need myself to be in that mindset, put myself back into a time I was under pain and felt alone. I need to be alone so nobody gets hurt and feels the need to cheer me up. It will be a timeout for my “normal” me as well, as I try to take all the pain I felt in my life and put it onto paper and into my project. That’s kind of hard while handling with everything in my life. I also think it’s unrealistic to do all this, while I handle my daily routine. I won’t be able to give my project the attention it needs.

No, I will not be around for two weeks and I promise you, you wouldn’t like me, so it’s kind of good I’m not. But when I come back, at least that’s what I hope for, a lot of things will have happened and parts of the project will be finished and that’s what this is for. To lift my project onto another level, to put my thought on paper.

We will see, if I manage to get where I want to. Let’s hope for the best.

News will come in a few weeks, until than – I already have planned a few posts for you, don’t worry 😛

Photos: SolymĂĄr Photography