Skin is something really important to me, as well as glow. I’m the kind of girl, which usually sticks to no makeup on a daily. Although I love wearing makeup, I can’t bother getting up early to look cut. But that doesn’t mean, I don’t care about myself. I actually do a lot. And part of it is my skincare. Not only my face, basically we’re going to talk body care today. From head to toe… or kinda haha. Especially now, that we’re finally starting into a new season, skincare is super important. A glowy healthy skin needs less makeup, which is amazing for the (hopefully soon) rising temperatures.

Daily Moisture

You want to make sure, after all the heating and cold air surrounding us for the last few months that your skin can get back to life with a few different things you can integrate into your daily life.

For me Moisturizer is the most important thing for my well-being. I hate tight skin feeling all over my body, or super dry hands. That’s why I always, like even three times a day, moisturize my skin. Although drinking water plays a very important role in this too (I like to talk about drinking a lot of water for your skin) the outside care is a big part too.

For me it means, moisturizing after washing my face in the morning with Team Dr. Joseph Moisturizer, this stuff gives my skin a kick like a cold glass of water. And for my body I love the calming body cream from Team Dr. Joseph as well.

post winter glow

This step is so important to me, I would never miss it. On my no makeup days, which are definitely more than the makeup days for me, I like to have a glowy healthy looking skin. Most of the times the moisturizer keeps my skin hydrated and fresh looking over the day, but if not, I have a few little goodies for the days I feel a little pale and my skin looks drained.

Moisturizers & Oils For The Ultimate Glow

On these days I like to get my glow from either a oil or some primers. A long time favorite which I buy over and over again is my Becca First Light Priming Filter. It has a light touch of violet to it, which makes the skin look fresh and the texture to it is super light. I use it for underneath the makeup as well, but by itself it also gives a really nice appearance of the skin.

post winter glow

Another, little bit heavier product, but for days where my skin is super super dry and feels just like it needs an extra push, my beauty bakerie oil is the way to go. Especially after winter, you get a nice post winter glow with this without adding anything else to it. It is a little bit sticky and you definitely feel it on your skin, but it gives the ultimate glow.

Last but not least in the primer category. Two of the primer bars from Lush. A big plus to them, besides the product itself, is that they’re in no packaging. It’s something amazing about Lush, to produce less plastic for beauty products. The primers itself are different in color and glow level. The Amazon Primer is the more lightweight one, gives a natural glow and leaves your skin smelling divine. It activates with the heat of your skin and you can just rub it on your skin and also have a little bit of a spa moment with it.

The second one is Banana Skin, which is a little bit richer and gives like the oil from beauty bakerie the ultimate post winter glow, if your skin needs a super boost. I love them both and switch in between them, depending on my feeling or how my skin feels. I also like to use them as a lipbalm.

Highlighters To Save The Day

If you’re a more oily skin type or you just don’t like the feeling of oils and primers on your skin and still want the ultimate post winter glow. These two might be something to invest in.

highlighters becca and charlotte tilbury

For me they both just give a really nice and glowy finish to the skin, almost wet looking. Which now going into spring is a go-to for me. I love glow and natural skin all year around, but especially after winter, when the sun finally pops up again and the temperatures rise, I love it even more. Therefore I use these ones, even without makeup, over the moisturizer or primer. Of course also on top of makeup as well.

They look really similar, I did a comparison in a video, which will be up super soon. This is a super personal thing and that’s why I also did a video to show you the difference.

In my opinion Becca and Charlotte Tilbury are two of the brands out there doing the most beautiful natural glowy products. I did a few reviews on some of their products in the past. So if you’re interested just check the search function.

chilled glowy makeup

And these are all the products I love for the perfect post winter glow skin. Of course I mentioned way more skin and makeup related products, than body, but to me, I like to stick to a body cream until it’s done. Then switch or rebuy the one I use.

If you have any questions or want to have more details on the products, just hit me up.


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