Black friday is bringing us a lot of amazing deals and makes buying makeup and beauty products even more fun. I love to invest in makeup, but even more if I see that I saved a lot of money. So today I want to give you a little overview on products I think are worth investing in. Plus some great deals overall, if you want to get your favorites cheaper.

Finds For Black Friday

Of course there are many deals available, but instead of just wasting money on things you might not need, I wanted to give you a little insight on how I shop on black friday.

Deals I Got My Hands On

I try to always wait to get a lot of my rebuys and things I want to try out on great deals, so I save a little bit of my hard earned money. I think everyone of us likes a great deal and there are some things I wanted to get too.

Beauty Bay

Beauty Bay does not only have a black friday deal, they already have amazing deals running all week long and there are a hand full of products you could invest in. For instance you will get 20% of on, but with the 30% of on beauty bay, you will save even more money.

I went with some more palettes from Juvias Place, as they are a really nice quality pigment and are already super cheap. With the 30% off, you can get them for a fortune of the price. I mean, 15 – 24 dollars for a quality palette like these ones is nothing.

Other than Juvias Place, there are some nice deals on Zoeva palette bundles, which you can divide for christmas presents.

And if you read my post about the dose of colors desixkaty collection, you might wanna check them out as well on beauty bay.

friendcation collection dose of colors

I also try to read blogposts and watch reviews on products before hand, so I’m sure, although it’s cheaper as normal, I don’t just spend a lot of my money on products I will never use.

Cult Beauty

Cult Beauty has some really nice deals as well, especially for all the Becca Beauty Lovers out there, they have 30% on Becca as well. Therefore I would go for the first light priming filter, one of my faves out there. The ultimate coverage foundation, I will tell you more about it on friday. And the under eye brighting corrector, if you do tend to dark circles under the eyes.

There are also some nice deals on too faced, another amazing brand when it comes to complexion products. I fell in love with there born this way foundation. Read more on my post from earlier this year.

Then there is also lime crime and jouer with 30% off and a super nice deal on the advent calendar of nyx professional makeup.

I think it’s important to make a list of products threw out the year you want to buy, put want to spend less on days/weeks like this. Normally you don’t really need it at the first moment the product comes out. This is a nice way, to save a little money and rethink your choices.

Other Deals I found for you

Charlotte Tilbury

Some amazing deals on Charlotte Tilbury products. You need to check them out. If you do like to buy some lux products for you or your loved ones. Charlotte Tilbury products have a nice quality and are a nice investment, especially as a makeup artist.


Niche Beauty

Niche Beauty already have there 25% for festive gifts running (always nice to get bundles and match for your girlfriends) and you get nice deals every day until black friday as well. So you might check in on there website from time to time, to see what’s new on the black out sale.


Yes, always gives us really nice deals. I did buy a lot there lately, so I’m not going all in on black friday this time. But they got some new brands you can get your hands on, like Nars for instance, with a nice 20% discount. Don’t forget the code BLACK20. And again, they have some amazing bundle offers and you can split them for present super easy.

look fantastic

If you always wanted an amazing hair styler, you might want to look on look fantastic, cause they got you covered with a nice deal on the ghd styler with 30% off.

And they also have a nice deal with the code OUTLET you get 15% off of some products as well. Just always check with brands like Mac or Estee Lauder, you might get it cheaper if you go with Douglas or Marionnaud.


Marionnaud impresses me with a lot of very nice deals, from 20%-50% off. You might if you have not yet, get your hands on a nice advent calendar, cause you can get 30% off of them right now. As well as on sets, which again, is perfect to make special packages for all your girlfriends. I like to do that with lipsticks, masks and stuff like that.

NYX Professional Makeup

Of course I can’t forget the NYX Professional Makeup deal with 20% off of everything. If you still want to get your hands on the sugar trip collection with again some really nice bundles for you and your friends to share. Don’t miss out on a nice deal hear as well.


Harvey Nichols

At the name Harvely Nichols might not ring a bell for everyone of you. But to get Fenty Beauty in Austria you might buy there (UK) and on black friday you will get 10% off.

Feel Unique

At feel unique you can already get all beauty up to 30% off. Again, check in with other sides, to get the best deal.


And hello, almost forgot to mention beautylish. There are going to be some nice deals on Jeffree Star Cosmetics (you should sign up for these deals). And actually that’s something really exciting. Although Jeffree Star is now sold on Marionnaud as well, you might get better deals with that. But I guess you need to wait until Friday.

And that’s all I got for you babes. I hope I could help you with this list for your black friday and cyber week shopping. I know, if seems a lot, but I wanted to give you a really nice overview so you can get the best deals for what ever you want to get.

Just as a little reminder. Always shop smart and make a list on the things you really want or need and don’t just shop random things you might not need. I know, a nice deal like the ones above sometimes let us get crazy over makeup and beauty, but remember that they have a expire date and won’t last forever in your storage. It’s different to shopping clothes.

And another deal and next years cyber week will come up, you don’t need to get everything at once.

Now anyways, I wish you happy shopping and will check in with you on Friday, with some items I got new and restocked on, so you might want to check in on that post too.



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