I’m all into deals, especially when it comes to holiday gift sets. I love to check out the hottest holiday gift deals and today I’m doing to share my finds with you. Maybe you also like to mix and match for your friends. I just love to share for holiday season and when I find something, which works for all my beauties out there, I feel like I also need to share it with you, as you’re a part of my fam too. So here are some nice holiday gift deals for the beauty junkies in your family.

Holiday Gift Deals

It’s so amazing, that around the holidays all these nice gift deals appear and make christmas shopping so much easier. Instead of getting something in full size which may not fit for your friend, you might instead go for sets you can pick apart and give just one of the things you know they might like. I find this so much more convenient than a gift nobody needs.

All the shops you need

I tried to give you an overview of all the shops I like to shop on. Of course some of you like to get things online, others like to go in store. So I tried to pick some online shops and some you can also shop in store as well. There is a whole lot of different shops and I want it to be as neat as I can by picking shops and give you the best gift deals they have.

In store shopping

I’m not the in store shopper, but still I want to give you some options if you are one.


Starting with Marionnaud, they have some nice gift deals going on. First an for most you can get 30% off of a lot of gift sets and advent calendars. Especially if you like to gift perfume, with the deal, Marionnaud might be the best option.

But besides that there are some nice Biotherm or Lancome skincare deals. When it comes to makeup, you might like the Estee Lauder sets with different color schemes, like the Pink Ribbon for example. And then there are also the calendars you can pick into small packages.


Next on the list is Douglas. Again, I prefer to online shopping, as it’s easier, but some of these deals you might be able to pick up in store as well. And of course they have a christmas gift deals special as well on there website, which too me, makes it even easier.

So with Douglas I always feel they have so many great gift deals, it’s hard for me to choose only a few,  but I try my best. Starting with skincare, there are some amazing deals on Clinique and Rituals if you want to give a whole set. And makeupwise they have so many nice deals. Like Benefit, with the Triple Decker DecadenceMake-up Set, B. Right! Delights!Make-up Set or the Homemade Hotness they look so amazing and would be already ready to go underneath the tree as they are. Also they have a nice little set you can pick apart. Smashbox also got some really cute lipstick and eyeliner sets which are easy to separate for all your friends. And then there are also some great deals from Zoeva, Anastasia Beverly Hills or if you want to go all out Hourglass has there lipstick madness online, which is really nice to give the perfect shades individually.

Online shopping

Beauty Bay

Beauty Bay does amazing deals all through out December, so you should check in from time to time, to get the best deals for you. But I also found some cool stuff, as gifts already.

What I especially like to shop for my girlfriends are either amazing lipsets or skincare. And beauty bay has amazing deals when it comes to both. Sets of masks like Starskin for example are amazing to pick the best for your girlfriends needs. Or sprays like the ones from Mario Badescu are amazing too.

If your girls and boys love sparkle, the Stila sets might me awesome or also the Festival Face glitters.

And another great deal are nail polish sets, like the ones from OPI.

But there are so many amazing gift sets on beauty bay. You should definitely check it out for yourself, especially the lip kits and lip sets, if you want some for you and your friends.

Cult Beauty

Cult Beauty has a extra part on there website dedicated to Christmas shopping. They might not have the most amazing sets, but they definitely have some amazing advent calendars left, you can pick and choose, what you want to give and keep or some nice things from Becca, which glow products are always nice to get and perfect for Christmas.

If you have one Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara lover you should definitely go for A Year Of Great Sex. And the Iconic London calendar seems like a really amazing deal with a bunch of nice products.

Other than that again, it’s really hard to choose just a few things, when there are so many amazing products, but when it comes to gift sets, cult beauty has less than other sides.


For Christmas I feel a lot of people like to give perfume and therefore flaconi might be a amazing option. But again, this is very personal and you should check it out on the side.

When it comes to great gift deals Missha has some nice skincare deals going on. As well as Burt’s Bees with there Tips and Toes kit. And something more makeup related would be the kits from Nude by Nature.

Niche Beauty

Niche Beauty has a lot of really amazing and cute deals and I’m going to link them all for you in a list, as it’s a little easier this way. They have some really cute value sets they make with products they sell on the website. Not made by the brand, but by Niche Beauty.

And then there are also the brand sets, which there are some nice deals as well.

There are so many well thought out sets, but these are the ones which caught my eyes.


If you have the possibility to shop at Sephora in Germany or online and ship it to Germany, then these gift deals are the ones for you. OMG Sephora always gets me with there nice sets. And again, I’m going for a list here, cause there are too many.

So many great deals especially for all the palette lovers out there and Becca’s deal is so amazing, I would get it myself if I would need more makeup, honestly.

Zalando Beauty

Finally able to include Zalando Beauty in my post. So happy to have them in the family now. Again a lot of really amazing value deals here. What caught my eye were the gift sets from Pixi Beauty, Rituals and nügg, with there cute masks. And also Anatomicals for all the jet set friends out there, you want to gift something special. And for the makeup junkies the Mac Shiny Set is super cute or for the girlfriends and boyfriends out there with long hair who love different hair dos, this Bright Kit from Hershesons might be the gift for them.


And we again finish this deal heaven with beautylish. There are some really nice sets going on. I love Lime Crime, if you do too, you might get you or your loved ones a Collection from them. Also for all the Beauty Blender junkies, this Beauty Blender Set might be the one for you.

A magic gift from Charlotte Tilbury is always a good idea, if you like to give skincare. And last but not least a Coconut Mask Gel Set from Farmacy. I love to give masks.

And that’s it you guys, that’s all I have for you to gift or to get for yourself, if you want to try something new, but you like to get it in a mini size. I hope I could help you find your perfect present and I which you happy holiday shopping!


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