If you read my New Year New Challenges post about a month ago, you know what will come next. If you haven’t, here’s a quick update. I don’t stick to new years resolutions, so I decided, to give myself some challenges for this year. That’s my way of tricking myself into new years resolutions without actually calling them so. Now we are already done with the first quarter of the year and I feel pretty great about my challenges and I want to share a few thoughts and pictures of my challenges.

How It Is Going With My Challenges

Challenge Nr 01°

So my first challenge going into 2018 was to think positive and not pick everything into small pieces and over think everything all the time. Now this for me is the toughest challenge of them all. Not only to see if I’m still on track, because I could totally trick me here. But also because I just like to pick things and thoughts into pieces. Now, I would say, I’m still on track with this first challenge. Of course, there are always doubts, but to be honest and fair to myself, there need to be at least some. Without doubting you can’t move forward. Still, I’m trying to think more positive and with this positive thoughts opportunities come up, which I haven’t actually thought about in the first place. So being positive and relying on the fact, that everything will turn out good at the end, makes my life so much easier. Plus it also let’s space for new thoughts as well.

Challenge Nr 02°

Now challenge Nr. 02, to challenge myself as a creative person turns out to be a super fun one. I love to create things I’ve never done before and I love to play with my creativity.

Now since the last post I have challenged myself two times already. First was to do a unique shape of a cut crease, which turned out really great and also is going to be a new series of exotic bird makeup looks in the future.

edgy grunge makeup tutorial

And the second challenge was to take you with me on my journey of using makeup as my therapy. I shared a inner corner madness a few days ago. Which normally I would do all by myself. But I thought it could be interesting, so I shared this personal moment with you. Some more thoughts on this are in the dedicated post.

challenge nr 02

Challenge Nr 03°

The third challenge is to photograph more and take the chance to build a portfolio as a photographer this year. It’s April already and I have had 4 shooting. Not only am I proud I really did them, but I’m also really proud of the results.

It’s so much fun to work as a makeup artist and photographer at the same time. Also it is super exhausting as well, but I only realize that after the shoots. While shooting it’s so fun to play around, try things and just create!

Now to make it easier, I will only show you one picture of the three shoots I had since I did the last update and you can watch the whole series on my main website if you’re interested.

challenge nr 03 kerstin brueller

M: Kerstin Brueller


challenge nr 03 camilla roth

M: Camilla Roth


challenge nr 03 daniel solymár

M: Daniel Solymár


And that’s all about my challenges for now. Should I keep doing monthly check-ins for you? Or should I just post them every now and then? Leave me a comment down below!


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