Beauty is so much more than only makeup and hair.

You are beauty. It’s your body and your soul. Being confident in your own body. Feeling beautiful and making yourself feeling beautiful. Not doing what others tell you, but what you love. Allowing your body to feel and be. Not restricting yourself with makeup or fitness, but doing it because you love it. Doing all the things you love and allowing yourself to be happy. Making yourself happy and not others. Feeling yourself. This all is beauty. Not only makeup and hair. You are not your makeup, it’s maybe just a way to express yourself. You’re also not your hair, that’s just how you look. You are so much more! You are beauty!

not only makeup and hair

Why I want you to see this?

Because I am more than makeup and hair! Although I built my life around beauty, with my beauty blog and my job as a makeup artist & photographer, my life is and I am so much more.

I want you to see, that makeup can help you feeling confident, but in the first place you should also be confident with who you are without. Be confident with who you are and makeup will even look better on you. But also, if makeup and styling your hair makes you feel more beautiful, then go for it. Because we all should feel beautiful, all the time, however we achieve this. If it is by not wearing any makeup at all, if it is by going out just with a full face of makeup, if it is by cutting your hair off completely or by getting a new color, some crazy colors or a beautiful blond brown balayage. It doesn’t depend on how you achieve it, it depends that you feel it! You should feel great about it and about you.

You should know, that it’s important to just be yourself. If anyone tells you you’re weird, awkward or arrogant. Let them tell what ever they want. Important is, that you don’t give a damn about what they say about you. Do what you love and be who you want to be. The people telling you that your what ever they think you are, they aren’t friends and shouldn’t be. You should know who you are and love yourself like you are. Don’t let anybody out there tell you anything different.

not only makeup and hair

Allow yourself to just be

Allow yourself to just be and your body as well. Feel yourself and rely on what your body and soul tells you. You feel like eating a lot, then do so. Working out every day makes you feel good, then keep on going. Feeling better in your body and being ok with what you crave for is important to be you. Stand by your decisions and rely on the feeling in your belly.

This all is beauty. You are beauty and you should not only love yourself, but also trust yourself. Because you are the one person, which will always be here for you. And if you’re not, who should?!

Inspired by Christina Aguilera’s natural skin pictures!

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