This is one of my most requested posts so far and I really tried to do a collection of brushes I love to use and also tell you guys, for which parts I love to use them, as I like to use some brushes for the “wrong” stuff. Let’s not say wrong, but I use them differently than their label says. But you will figure it out in the upcoming lines.

I put them in three main categories – face, eyes & lips – to give a better overview and structure. For me the most important category though are the eyes. As that’s the part where the magic happens. But I start with the face first, as I normally also start with the face when applying products.


I always start with moisturizer and primer, which I distribute with a flat face brush. For foundation I have a big brush I love to puff in foundation. I also love to use a wettend beauty sponge, but not for clients – out of a hygienic reason.

Followed by a concealer brush, which I love to use two different brushes, depending on the skin and how big the area is. I have a big round concealer brush or a flat synthetic brush (real techniques) shich also works perfect for concealer, even though it’s meant to be a eyeshadow brush, but as always, use brushes how you want to and not how it’s written on the brush. Of course it is a good way to start like this, but in the end it’s imprtant that it works for you. The last liquid product I use is normally highlighter, where I like to use a medium buffing brush. That’s the bigger real techniques brush you can see in the middle of the picture. Perfect for blending primer and highlighter.

After all the liquid and cream products to set the under eye area I use a big shader brush (that’s what I meant with using brushes for different purposes) or as shown in the picture a highlighter brush (bottom right) and for the face I use a big or medium face brush, also depending on the size of the face or needs of the skin. For highlighting I love brushes which are not super packed with hair (bottom left) also perfect to apply with a little setting spray on the brush (just a little tip passing). And for contouring and blush I love to use a angled brush like the one shown up right.


Now talking about my favorite brushes for eyeshadow is a really hard thing to do, as there are many of them and a lot of really loved ones in my collection.

On the picture you can see the different brushes. I put some tags on them, so it’s easier to explain how I like to use them and for which part of the eyes I love them.

The pencil brush is perfect for putting product underneath the eye or to define the crease in the outer corner with a dark color. Blending this out with the petite crease brush. This brush is also perfect for laying down color and blending it into the crease – to fluff it out take a big fluffy crease brush, it’s handy to have two of them, one which is always clean and one to blend a soft color onto your crease and lid for blending. And the last brush which is the soft definer crease brush – does exactly what it says. Perfect for a soft definition in the crease and my personal favorite to blend the first two to three colors into your crease.

These three are some extras I wanted to show you. The first one from above is the perfect brush to define your eyebrows. Second comes a flat brush to lay down shadow on your lid area and lastly we have a wide fluffy brush I love to use for blending shadow as well or also to set concealer underneath the eyes or brow bow.


Last but not least, but the smallest category for sure are lip brushes. Actually this category contains just three brushes I really love and use on every client and on myself, also it depending on the shape of the lip, which brush I like best. Because the first brush (right) you see on the picture below, is slightly more tapered and has a better fit to lips with a higher cupid’s bow and for lips that sink in at the ends. And for rounder and bigger lips the detailed shader brush (left) is so much easier and faster and distributes the product super smooth and even, although it’s claimed as an eyeshadow brush, I love to use it for applying lip products. And for a definition with concealer (especially with dark or red lips) I love the middle brush to clean the edges.

So there you go, these are all my favorite brushes at the moment. Of course I do have a lot more, but when it comes to favorite, these are the ones I love to have on hand when working on clients and some of them are also in my own collection.

brushes mentioned:

(from up to bottom)