After all the planning and promoting I had my first workshop on Saturday. 

Thinking of my career path, I’ve never thought, that it’s going to be teaching. Actually I always thought, I’m not able to help others in any way. During my education I realized I actually love to teach people and help them to see things from a different perspective and with that get even more creative. For me the most beneficial part of giving others is seeing that I actually changed something, which makes me super happy.

First workshop in Salzburg

I started my EXPRESS workshop series in Salzburg, my current hometown. Saturday it was, 3 pm, when we arrived at Studio B, a photo studio in Salzburg. I always like to be prepared and set up my makeup table. I prep the model and get into the mood before I speak in front of people.


To safe time during the workshop I already prepare Kerstin‘s (my model) hair, so it’s not in the way while working on her makeup and already is done for the pictures afterwards. You can find a few pictures below, if you want to skip the story and you’re just interested in the outcome. After that I study the skin of my model and check if I need to prep anything else which isn’t necessary to show and talk about while the workshop. Besides preparing my model, I also prepare myself. To actually work on the model always helps me to keep calm and keep my level of tension down. I don’t mind talking in front of people, but it being my first workshop still made me a little nervous. After a few minutes I got into it and into my flow. It’s like going on stage. The first few seconds are full of feelings and thoughts and when you’re finally starting it’s so awesome.


Funny thing is, I planned how I wanted to start and what I wanted to say and everything, but I actually winged it at the end. It’s seems to me it’s just easier to go with it. With the questions of the attendees it anyways always takes a different road and makes every workshop and session unique.

I really enjoyed working and talking to all of you yesterday and I’m already excited for the next workshop! If you want to be part of it, make sure to contact me (mail, fb or instagram) and ensure yourself a spot in Salzburg or Vienna.

Daniel made some time and captured some moments during the workshop. And I also did some Beauty shots from Kerstin, they’re down below.

Thanks again to all the attendees for your interest, thanks to Kerstin for being my model and also Daniel aka Solymár Photography, for capture these moments for me.

Hope to see you in one of my workshops soon or if you’re a beginner in makeup, in my coachings. For more details be sure to check my website.

workshop kirschundkern kerstin brueller

Model: Kerstin Brueller