My journey started long before I started to do makeup. It started as a kid, when I looked at all the pretty girls in magazines and was so fascinated by them and their makeup. Back then I didn’t know that these women didn’t even look like that and had now clue what photoshop, lightroom and beauty photography is. I believed in perfection and still do, although the mindset changed.

Now when I started to do makeup, I always wanted more than just the pretty look, I wanted extravaganza. I wanted beauty with a touch of blue or a hint to much highlighter or even wet hair. I always looked for something extra. That’s when I tried all these crazy makeup looks on myself. And I came to a point where I realized it’s kind of wasted time, when nobody but me will ever see these looks I create. That’s when I started to take selfies of myself. But not selfies with my phone. I took my camera, putted it in front of the window, took two chairs and a white blanket as a backdrop and started to take pictures of my creations and closeups of the eyeshadow.

At that point I already knew how to work with photoshop, had never opened lightroom, but was super interested in the whole topic. After a few looks I perfected the light and setup with only daylight and still my white blanket. This was the point where I thought to myself, why not try it, what are you loosing?

I opened youtube, watched a whole lot of tutorials until I finally opened my pictures with photoshop and tried to get into retouching. I loved it from the very first moment. I did way to much, but that’s how you learn it, when you see the effect and can adjust it to your liking. I retouched a whole series of pictures until I was confident enough to show it to somebody. I shared it on facebook and got so much positive and overwhelming feedback that I worked on it days and days in a row.

I finally did it, my first beauty photo and retouched it. I was so proud of myself and was so happy it turned out kind of great. I still need practice and for sure for the future I need a studio and a real light setup, so it can work at any time, not only on a sunny day in front of the window. But for now, I’m happy with what I can create with what I know and that’s what’s important.

For my bachelor project I wanted to take the things I already knew about light, makeup and portrait and start a project. I called it face your mask. I wanted to know what I can do only with light and makeup and it turned out that you don’t even need photoshop, if you know what you need for a portrait shot. I didn’t retouch the pictures at all, only adjusted the light and white balance. With this project I realized I want to do more in the field photography. In my free time I always try to get some cool shots of a makeup look I did. Photography and especially retouching is a process, a never ending process. That’s what keeps me working on my outcome. And with more knowledge about photography and retouching my makeup creations also get better and more details, as I know, I can capture them.

When I have time I always compare the first pictures, with what I do now. I find it important to see how far you can get.

Now after more than a year, trying myself in the field of beauty photography I can say, I would have done a few things different at the beginning, would have started with a workshop, to get into the topic. But still I must stay, I’m happy that I started like this, because I for me made everything out of nothing and that’s kind of cool I think. I came to this point with the knowledge I already had about photography, my makeup skills and knowledge about light and shadow and with my personal sense of perfection and of course a ton of hours on my iMac and my tablet.