I don’t even know when I last opened my blog honestly it has been a while and I also don’t really know how I feel about this right know and how to start this off again and that’s why I thought I’m just going to start with a little real talk and life update for you, so you’re up to date on my life again. Especially if you don’t follow me on ig, which you definitely should, you kinda missed the last three months.

Let’s Talk

When the last year came to an end I didn’t really treat my body well and therefore my mind was really in a bad place too. What comes with that was, that I didn’t know where I’m going and why. I wasn’t sure if what I’m doing right now is what makes me happy and all the stuff which just gets stuck in your head when you tend to overthink things – I’m definitely guilty of that – so I tried to give myself some time to find my way.

Okay so let’s start where we left off. In January I posted last on here and it was my post about becoming cruelty free – which was an amazing change and is still not completely done, as I’m still trying to get through all the products and use them up. It had me actually thing way more about what I put onto my skin and therefore also what I put into my body and how I treat my body. Which brought me back to a clean and healthy diet and fitness. I want to be my best me.

The Reasons It Took Me So Long

I’m still not quite sure if I actually know my way jet, but I realized, that I want you to be part of it and that’s why I’m back. I will include more than makeup on here – cause beauty includes so much more and it just makes me so happy and it’s so much easier if I can just talk about all the things I do to be happy and healthy. This includes makeup, but also a lot of this is mental care and fitness. So you will not only hear me talk about the latest trends and products and my opinion on things like that, but also more inclusive topics in terms of beauty.

I hope this actually makes sense and you get what I want to achieve with this blog in the future and you’re also not mad that I first was gone and now come back with news like this.

It just feels like I want to show my whole personality and this is not just me talking about makeup and skincare, I’m way more than this and I think it would be nice to just include some generell health topics too. I don’t want to go back to a lifestyle kinda blog, but I want to give myself the freedom to write from my soul and what moves me in the very moment.

Of course makeup and all the topics surrounding it will be the main content, but I try to include more of my life rather than just this small part of my life which is makeup.

real talk

What Has Been Going On

Now if you’re still with me and are still wondering where the actual fu*k I’ve been. Let me give you a quick little update on this as well.

So basically starting into this year I finally wanted to finish my studies in media design. Which includes a big long annoying thesis – kinda took all my energy and my life for the last few weeks. I couldn’t juggle my job as a makeup artist, my writing and the blog and instagram. I needed to focus on finishing the thesis and my paid jobs. So that’s basically in super short, why I’ve been gone and what I’ve done.

And now to the fun part. What you can expect in the future!! Yeeiiih, hehe. No but really, I’m super excited to bring you more and consistent content from now on. Although it will be a little low until June, because of my final exam. But I will get into writing and posting again, here, on ig and youtube! I’ve actually so many amazing topics planed and I can’t wait to start this again!

I’m so happy and positive right now and I want to share this with you!

And that’s about it, so have a super nice day and we’ll see/hear/write each other soon. If you want to know anything else, just hit me up, you know how – the easiest is def always ig 😉


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