Because you guys wanted to see a post about my Best of Beauty 2017, I thought I’m not only doing a blogpost about it. I also did a video working only with my favorite products of the year. I still can’t get it, that 2017 is already over. Although I’m excited what 2018 will bring. But before we’re starting into the new year, we talk about the Best of Beauty 2017 !

Best of Beauty 2017

As I do work as a freelance makeup artist and do my own makeup as well, I tried to incorporate a little mixture of both my worlds. Sometimes I love the same products in my own kit and my professional kit. But a few things I only use on myself or on my clients. I will talk about it more fully, in the video and also I in this post.

If you’re a loyal reader of my blog or subscriber on youtube, you might have heard of most products I will talk today. But there are some, I do not talk a lot on here or on youtube, because I don’t use it on myself a lot. But without any more talking, let’s talk some Best of Beauty!

my face in categories

So I’m going in categories, like I would apply my makeup. Starting with primer and ending with lipstick!


First things first, primer. I love to prime my face, because my skin is dry and also I do have enlarged pores on my cheek and nose area. That’s why I have two favorites in this category. Actually three haha. My Becca First Light Priming Filter, because it’s refreshing, smells delicious and hydrated while giving a beautiful natural glow. To fill my pores I love my Makeupforever Skin Equalizer. This primer helps me to shrink my pores and leaves a perfect base for my foundation.


Of course foundation is a kind of obvious category. My favorite mixture of foundations is Fenty beauty foundation Nr. 160 and my Mac Face and Body in C2. I love to mix them, because the Fenty foundation is a little too drying for my skintyp and the Mac one is just perfect to balance it out. They are both super liquid, which I kind of love. And my Mac Face and Body also balances the slightly into pink going undertone from my Fenty foundation. As said, a perfect mixture.


Also with my concealer, I like to mix two. My Tarte shape tape and my Mac Pro Longwear concealer. I find them mixed better, then I do them separately. I can’t say more than this.


Setting is key, for a perfect base. Again, there are two favorites, because I use both, pressed and loose powder. My favorite pressed powder is my Mac Next to Nothing in light and my favorite loose powder is Laura Merciers translucent powder. Both work exactly how I would want a powder to work. Also I love Laura Mercier under the eyes on other people, for me it’s just too drying. But I use it for the rest of my face or a super small amount under the eyes.

liquid highlighter & powder highlighter

When it comes to highlighter, I like liquid highlighters a lot, because they look super natural. M favorite, which I also use as a primer sometimes, is my Mac strobe cream in pinklite. This one makes my skin look so glowy and natural, can’t deal without. And for powder highlighter, the most used one is definitely my strobe of genius palette from NYX, I use it constantly since summer. Although I would a new love when I got my Fenty one, but mixing and matching the colors with a palette is just so much more fun, then a single highlighter.

cream contour & powder contour

You don’t see me cream contour ofter, because most of the time I just do it on my daily makeup and not in videos. But I love my NYX double sided cream contour for that. When it comes to powder, it’s really hard to say, which palette I used the most. I like both my NYX one and my ABH one. But while filming I decided to use my ABH Contour Kit in Light to Medium. For me most of the time I only use the middle shade. In summer I like to mix all three!


The Tarte blush bazarr palette is my favorite blush palette. The blushes are suepr soft, long lasting and the color wheel is awesome. Although I don’t use blush a lot, I needed to include this one because I use it on my clients all of the time.

eyeshadow base

This one also doesn’t come as a surprise. My Mac paint pot in soft ochre. Big love since years! Can’t live without, won’t live without!

eyeshadow palette

This one was kind of easy, although I came across the NYX fire palette at the end of the year and love to use it. The winner for 2017 and most used of all of my eyeshadow palettes is my ABH Modern Renaissance palette. I love it for bridal makeup and also used it a lot on myself.


Yes, another ABH product. My brow wiz in granite is a favorite since years. I love the tip, the color and that it lasts super long. Not much more to say at this point, see for yourself in the video! And my favorite browgel is the benefit gimme brow.


Although the NYX epic ink liner has a shiny finish, it quickly found a place in my daily routine. And that’s actually not easy, because I used my Catrice Liner for years straight. But the precision of this tip is just unreal and yes, I love it!


Again, I have two favorite mascaras, because I use them for different looks. My Clinique high impact mascara I always use on natural makeup days. And the one I use for bold eyelooks and a stronger look, is my Tarte lights,camera lashes mascara, because it just has a little bit more wha wha whoom, if you know what I mean.

setting spray

There are two favorites again, I know, I sound like a broken record. My NYX dewy skin setting spray and Urban Decays all nighter. Love them both, use them religiously.


Last but not least we’re on the final product of my full face of Best of Beauty 2017, and it’s lipstick. The one I used the most on myself is Tarte’s tartist lip paint in grand. It’s my lipcolor but better and I will repurchase it for sure!

Best of Beauty 2017

Okay and that are all my favorites for this year! If I did miss anything, be sure to comment down below, also let me know what your favorite products have been this year!

Best of Beauty 2017

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