Everyone who knows me knows I love to wear black. For me black is my happy color, it just works with everything. I had a lot of different bright colors in my hair and that’s when I started to mostly wear black and it didn’t change. I just love how it looks and I feel like myself in black. The color somehow reflects me, even though it is absorbing even light.

I never thought I will share a outfit on some point, as I’m not really a fashionista. But I’m an artist and a woman with a different style and mindset and that reflects on my look. That’s why I decided to share this outfit with you, because maybe, you are the kind of woman I am and like the look. It’s a minimalistic simple look, because that’s what I am, at least when it comes to clothing.

I hope you like it, if not – you do you!


Jeans – Missguided
T-shirt – h&m
Bralette – björn borg (couldn’t find this one anymore)
Shoes – vagabond
Jacket – any leather jacket will do the trick (this one is about 10 years old)
Glasses – Meller

photos: Solymár Photography