Being bold and different is a good thing and nothing you need to be afraid of! I needed to learn this for me, personally and also for my makeup. I love makeup a lot and working with other people and doing crazy look. Although my normal day-to-day business is super natural and sleek, sometimes it’s so much fun to just be bold and different! I want you to know, I love every part of my work and makeup and sometimes I just want to show, how bold can be super beautiful as well.

Be Bold and Different

I love to sometimes just create looks, which may not be a look for everybody or every day, but is super fun. For me, makeup is fun and I love to just play with it. That’s what makeup is all about. Being able to be bold on one day and natural on the other day. In the end, every look can be washed of in the evening. What matters is what you see after washing your face. You, simply you!

bold and different

The look I created

Of course I also want to talk about the look a little bit in this post. I love to combine colors and also I love that this look is bold but still sleek and in a different color combo this look might also be wearable for a lot of people. But for me, sometimes I just love to go crazy and create something different.

the eyes

This eye look is kind of really easy one, if you take your time and do have a steady hand. To get a feeling for the shape I was going for, I outlined the crease with a soft color first, before I went in with the yellow. This also gave the yellow a base and worked as a transition color for an even and seemless transition to my skin color.

To finish the eyes I popped a super shiny highlight in the inner corner of my eyes and deepend the outer corners with a dark brown shadow. That’s what for me made this look in the end.

the lipstick

What completes this look is definitely this super bold and different blue/black lipstick. I love to combine dark lips with bright eyes.

bold and different

final step

To finish of this bold and different look I but on a super bright highlight, which in this case is my new fav from Linda Hallbergs enchanted secrets palette moonwake. This color to me is simply perfection on my skin and for a kind of unique look like this I also wanted to use a unique highlight.

bold and different

The products I’ve used:

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Love you guys!