This little baby, which has been stuck in my head for quite a while now, finally came to life. With nobody more perfect to start this series with but Nina from the life & style blog yourockmylife. Before we get into the details of the look and the video, I quickly want to give you a little backstory on this new series I’m starting here on my blog!

The blogger series is the little secret in the room! I’ve planned to do a series like this quite a while now and finally had the time and the perfect person to start it with!

This series is always a cooperation with another blogger out of the lifestyle genre I pair with, to combine a makeup look with a outfit. The blogger picks an outfit and I’m styling them for this specific look.

Starting this series of with a 2 in 1 – business to party – is our take on a business look and a party or evening look!

Business to Night

Nina and I choose to do two looks. Pimping the first look up for a night out or any other occasion with a few little steps.

nina wrodnigg yourockmylife

Business Look

The first look includes natural glowy skin, perfect for any business meeting, event or everyday. Basically a quite simple look, with this effortless touch to it. Combined with the outfit it’s classy for everyday with a little something. The combination of the materials and the makeup to me match perfect. You can find a detailed post on the outfit on Nina’s blog already.

Party Look

For the party or evening look we went for a bright red lip, a little more brows for that Frida Kahlo vibe and kept the lips matte to go well with the glowing skin. Perfect to match the outfit. I wanted the makeup to stand out, but combined with the patterns it needed to be well balanced, so in the overall look it’s not overwhelming.

Seeing Nina in this perfect red lipstick reminded me, that every woman should have their perfect red lipstick. If you want to know more about lipsticks, head over to my post about the perfect lipstick for whiter teeth.

nina wrodnigg yourockmylife

In the video you can see, what I did for Nina’s makeup and to get to know more about the outfit, head over to Nina’s blog yourockmylife.

nina wrodnigg yourockmylife

Thank you Nina to start of this series with me and for making it possible & thanks Patrick for the awesome pictures! Always amazing working with you two!

nina wrodnigg yourockmylife

Which lifestyle blogger would you like to see me do their makeup next? Leave a comment down below!

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