Ladies, it’s that crazy time of the year where everybody is able to slip over a new identity for a night and be whom ever they want to be. I’m always late with things like this and I thought maybe some of you out there are the same as me. I created this last minute carnival makeup tutorial to show you a easy and fast method to do a cool look for any carnival party. Most of the products or even all of them are things we all have at home and that’s also perfect when you realize the day before the party, that you didn’t even thing of a costume or look.

I gotta guys! Let’s dive into this quick and easy carnival makeup tutorial!

Carnival Makeup Tutorial

Some of you might say, the last look I did could also be a carnival and yes, at least for me, it could. Check my last Valentine’s Makeup Tutorial out, if you would rather go with beauty. But if you do like a little bit of a cute crazy like, I got something for you right here!


Starting with a light base, which there is no need for buying any clown white, although if you have one at home, that would work perfect as well. I just took a super light foundation, which is at least 3 shades lighter than my own skin tone. After applying this already in the shape I want my “mask” to be, I powdered my face heavily with translucent powder, to make it stay all night long. You can also fix it with some setting spray, that’s even better!

the contour

To make the shape of the “mask” stand out a little, I’m taking a soft brown eyeshadow and line the outside of my face. There’s no need for this to be a lot darker than your skin tone, it’s just to define the outline.

eyebrows and eyes

Brows and eyes are super easy done too. You basically just need any eye pencil which is super black. After blocking the brows with a little bit of concealer, you can easily just drag a line from top to bottom threw your actual brows. And for eyeshadow I lay down a black base with the eye liner and go over it with some black eyeshadow, to set it and to make it a little darker. As you can see in the video, I also blend the eyeshadow with a blending brush and a little bit of the eyeshadow as well as a clean blending brush. But with this look we’re not going for a perfect blended look, it should look like it’s a little worn in.

Before we finish the eyes with the detailed design, I go in with some color on the cheeks.

carnival makeup tutorial


A look like this isn’t complete without a little bit of red on the cheeks, directly on the apples. I used a red eyeshadow, if you don’t have one, you could also go in with a red lipstick or if you do have a red blush, that’s perfect as well. There are many ways, to get this look!

Now after blending the red color on the apples of the cheeks I give the finishing touches to the eyes

You can use any eyeliner, but if it’s a waterproof one, it would be best, because if will last you for the night. I just go in with slow and small strokes to make the design as perfect as I can, although we’re going for worn in, I like my designs kind of perfect. You can clean it up with some concealer, if you feel like it’s needed.


Of course our pantomime needs a little bit of red lipstick, if you’re a guy, you can skip this step, for a more male version of this look. I’m overlining my top lip to make it appear a little bit rounded.

And that’s the look completed! A quick and easy version of a carnival makeup tutorial, which basically everyone can do! I hope I helped you out with this. If you do try it, please tag me in your pictures, I would love to see it!carnival makeup tutorial

The products I’ve used:

carnival makeup tutorial

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Love you guys!