Hair: How To Dye Short Hair

    I haven’t talked about my hair since I cut it to a buzzcut almost 6 months ago. Now I thought I give you a little insight in my monthly routine on dyeing my hair. To dye short hair is a little different than dyeing long hair . After doing this now a few times I feel like I can give you a good insight. Basically a step by step routine on this part. If you just want to see the…

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    Hair: I Shaved My Head

    Today’s post is on a little bit of a different note. It’s still beauty and it definitely is hair, but it’s also a really personal one. I shaved my head. Yes,…

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    beauty: Hair update

    A little backstory to my hair update As you may have already seen on instagram, I changed my look. Why that? That’s what I’m going to tell you today! Well, my…