Talking to my ladies is always fun, being creative together makes even more fun!

When Nadine, also known as the photographer Herzflimmern called because of a shoot she wanted to realize with Camilla, the cutie you can see on the following pictures, I couldnt say no. Nadine already had a few ideas for the shoot, black and gold where the colors she wanted to be the main topic, black clothes and gold jewellery combining with confetti was the main idea. As always when we talk about shootings, a little brainstorming brought new ideas and input and we came to the conclusion, the gold part should be more present! That’s when I thought about gold foil! While the research on pinterest I also came across this cute feathers with white and gold details. As Nadine wanted to use feathers in this shoot anyways, we tried to recreate this beautiful designs and put our own spin on it with the details.

We still wanted to keep it classy and also not too much fashion style, so it still fits into Nadines style of photography. A few days after our talk we met in Nadines studio in Berchtesgaden to do the makeup before heading to the woods.

Camilla did not know what exactly was planed for the makeup so she was more than exited when she saw the gold foil which I applied underneath her eyes, to connect the black and gold themed shoot even to her eyes. The look did fit perfectly to Camillas beautiful unique eyes and made them even more outstanding – if this is even possible 😉

I combined the gold foil with a gold and black smokey eye and black liner to counteract the heavy gold foil undereye area. With a brownish nude lipstick the look was completed. Time to set it and finish it with a sleek though unique hairstyle and a side parting, which made Camilla look totally different.

After the part in the wood we went back home to Nadines office to warm up and decided to finish the shoot in her studio, with a little change for Camillas outfit and a different hairstyle. This two little modifications in the styling made a totally new and unlike the other a little diva look for Camilla. With the bright background and the vanity in the studio it shifted the all over look in a completely new atmosphere. I love how little details are able to change a whole appearance of a person and how easy it is to create different setups with small changes in makeup and styling.

I love how this shooting shows easy steps to change appearance with small modifications and how versatile Camilla is. Working with friends makes it easier to try out and create new things, being able to have a creative outlet is my happy place in life. That’s why I love my job as a makeup artist. I’m able to change up things, create something new and by this, giving people the opportunity to see themselves in a different light. They are giving me the possibility to create something on a canvas and I give them a “mask” with a possible new look on themselves.

Thank you Nadine and Camilla, for making this shoot possible and for always allowing me to create something different and beautiful with you! Btw, there is a little TV report about this shoot and our work on here RFO REPORT

Photo: @label.herzflimmern | Model: @camillaroth