The other day I asked you on instagram if you would rather see a hair post or something on skincare and nearly everybody wanted to see something skincare related. So here I am, talking about my current skincare routine and how I got my skin from a pretty terrible stage back on track. To a skin which clearly isn’t perfect, but with the products I will mention, I find myself feeling good about my skin almost every day. So let’s get right into it!

Current Skincare Routine

Before I start talking about my routine, I quickly want to talk about my skin. Because it’s really important for you to know, which skin type I have, to know, if this routine could also work for you. I do have a mixture of combination to dry skin, which clearly isn’t ideal. My chin tends to break out the easiest, mostly around the time of my period. Also I do have some smaller impurities on my forehead. They tend to get a lot worse when I’m stressed and not eating well a lot. Besides that I do have dry skin basically all over my face and eye area. If you want to know a back story on my skin, I did a blog post about this topic in spring last year.

But now onto the routine.

Evening Routine

Starting of with my evening routine, because I did a video, where I basically show you, how I get unready every day, if I do wear makeup.

I like to wash my face first with clear water, without any product, it get’s rid of all the products in my face which aren’t waterproof, like my eyeshadow, mascara and even my eyebrows. After this step I go in with a little drop of cleansing gel and cleans my skin thoroughly. While my skin is still wet, I then go in with my Clarisonic Mia 2, which is a brush to clean the face, put on another small drop of the cleansing gel and clean my face until the brush stops. After that I rinse of all the soap and residue with water.


As a next step, I do a mask 2-3 times a week and I switch between 4 different masks, which all do different things for my face. A purifying mask, a 24K gold mask, which is super rehydrating, also I like to use a peeling solution (which I also use in the video) and a white tea mud mask, which also helps to purify the skin. I alternate between all of them, depending on how my skin feels or looks.  Using masks with different purposes helped my skin a lot. Before that I tend to only use masks for my acne-prone skin and not that much of hydrating ones. Now I alternate between hydration and purifying and my skin seems to like it.


After a relaxing mask I clean it of with a microfiber glove (which I got from my lovely sister) and some water and go in with my skincare. I like to start with hydration first, where I use my hyaluronic acid solution, this stuff made my skin so much more hydrated over the past few months. After that I have two solutions, every one of them I use once a week, but never on the same day. My lactic acid solution, which is anti-inflammatory and helps with pimples and acne and my Granactive Retinoid 2%, which is more of an anti aging treatment. To treat my active pimples I have got a solution from my beautician. I put this on active pimples only.

I also like to use a oil, for hydration, but I do also only use this once a week, because I noticed, when I do use it more than once a week, I do break out a lot.

After all of this has sunk into my skin I leave my skin with a moisturizer as a final step and for deep hydration.

And of course I also go in with some eyegel and lipbalm to finish the routine. And as a little tip, if you also do get herpes from time to time as I do, a lip balm with a high spf does help a lot. I didn’t think it would at first, but I do now use it everyday and it really works

Morning Routine

My morning routine is super easy and fast, I don’t need to deep cleanse as at night.

Starting the day not only with a glass of water before anything else, but also with only water to wash my face in the morning, feels great and makes me feel awake. These two steps only including pure water, helped my skin a lot.

After washing and drying my skin with a towel, I go in with moisturizer. In winter I use my Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream (this one is suuuuper expensive, but I really like it a lot) and in summer I use the same cream as in the evening, my Biotherm Aquasource. For winter I take something with less water in it, because otherwise and that’s really important, when you go outside, the water particles can freeze on your skin and you might end up with bursted blood vessels. That’s not only something which doesn’t look cute and might hurt, but they also won’t go away anymore. So you will end up with red vessels on your skin.

don’t forget sunscreen

After that step I also go in with sunscreen, to protect my skin during the day (in winter I don’t do this step when I do wear foundation). My sunscreen is also oil free, so my pores aren’t getting clocked.

And that’s basically it for my daytime or morning routine. Quick and easy, as I like it!

As already mentioned, I do have combination to dry skin and this routine turned out to work perfectly for me, but it might not work for you at all, even if you do have the same skin type as I do. I anyways thought I’m sharing this with you, because a lot has changed in my skincare routine since the last post.

skincare routine

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What’s your skin type and do you think you use the right products? Or do you feel nothing works for you? Leave me a comment, I would like to hear from you!

Love you guys!