At the beginning of this year I was asked to do the makeup for a short movie. It is called “Der dunkle Reigen”, directed by Dominik Bücheler. The film production took place in February and man it was crazy but also so much fun. A production I definitely won’t forget.

Before we started the production there was a whole lot of steps to think of before hand, so we had a few meetings and tryouts for the special effects, preparing wigs, lenses and sfx for the different actors. There was a special meeting only for the makeup department and direction for details on every scene so we could be sure we are not missing anything at the start of the production. After everything was set, we started shooting on February 7th in the morning in Mondsee.

As I saw the first location live, it blew my mind by it’s beauty. A little “Rauchhaus” brought us directly in the early 20th century and made it even more realistic to film a movie playing in 1919 after the first world war. After make up the actresses got dressed and the first setup was built, camera set, light set and the actresses could, for the first time, stand in scene. I think we where all really proud to see the first steps to a final production and the motivation raised from day to day. When you see the different actors and actresses all set up in with makeup, costume and being in role completely, for me it’s still always mesmerizing again and again how the idea from a few persons finally shows on a set that it’s working. That with the right team and a whole lot of motivation it’s finally getting alive. This part of a production will never get old, never.

After the scenes we shot in Mondsee, our second location was in Piding, in a small although beautiful church and perfect for 1919, without any electrical light too present which could have disturbed the look and feel. Piding actually was for me the first location where I needed assistance, because on two days we had a group of extras on set which needed to be ready in a short time, that’s when Valerie Rossacher, a makeup artist and friend of mine helped me out. We managed everything well together and it’s always nice to work with Valerie, because she has way more experience on set, then I do.  She also did the silicon wound for our lumberjack for Mondsee, which you can see on the photos. For me it was then easy to apply and color it for the scene. It was the first time I work with a wound like that and it’s super cool and easy to apply although it needs a lot of practice to perfect it. In Piding we had a little struggle with the weather, but besides that everything went well and we where all really happy with the outcome from the 4 shooting days.

Well, after the few days in Piding we started to our final big location in Großgmain. Großgmain was also a outdoor museum, showing the different districts of Salzburg. We had two different locations there, Friedas cabine and the tavern. This time Valerie was with me the whole time shooting in Großgmain. Again we had a few days where we had a group of extras on set, as well as some scenes where it’s handy to be a team because of the number of steps for preparation between shoots. Sometimes it’s cool to split work up so the prep time is shorter and the shooting goes on faster.

After the super cool location in Großgmain was wrapped up, we had our final shoot day at the river in Bluntautal. We had great weather conditions and the day went on really good. For the makeup department this wasn’t a high intensity shoot day, but still, a really spectacular one. We ended our shoot with the first shoot of the movie and I need to say, it looked really great!

Finally, after 3 weeks of shooting, we could then call it a wrap, packed up and had a after shoot party at the Campus in Puch Urstein.

My final words to this production. Thanks guys, for all the great work of the team, the different departments, the great organization, all the people who supported us while the production and thanks to the three guys who wrote this great script, which at the first place, made this film production possible.



What I learned, after all the productions I did, I always stress a lot before the shooting starts and I do stress a lot while the important scenes for the makeup department, but still all this stress is worth it, because I always love the outcome.

Maybe the stress and the low confidence about my work and my skills in the pre productions are my way to prove me when the productions goes on, that this is needed to make it even better. I had a lot of things stressing me out, because I never did them before and I thought I won’t make it and wanted to quite a week before the production startet, but now, after it’s all done and I saw a lot of bits from the scenes we shot I’m pretty proud of what we made and I’m so exited and curious for the final film.

So I guess, now you’ve seen a few pictures and heard a little behind the scenes from my side of “Der dunkle Reigen”. If you would like to see it, the first cut will be shown at the Creativity Rules Festival in June this year, for details go on Facebook on Der dunkle Reigen and see a little more bts and also the ongoing progress of preproduction – btw we would appreciate a like 😉 and we are also on IG



Photos: David Prokop