Everyone of us loves a little glow on the cheeks. This effortless and healthy looking skin we all adore, but still it’s so hard to achieve.

Although I’m a makeup artist and I do love makeup, I’m all about the glow from within kind of look, healthy, natural and flawless are the three magic words when it comes to makeup. And therefore the perfect highlighter is a key element, at least in my everyday makeup routine. My favorite and most used one still is and I guess will always be my MAC Cream Colour Base in Luna, it’s shine and natural glow is just perfection. It’s easy to apply and flawless under and over foundation. But sometimes I just like to use other highlighters, the only problem I always come across is, that I would love all my powder highlighters to be either liquid or creamy, for this perfect flawless and not to “in your face” look.

That’s why I started to experiment with my highlighters and change their consistency from powder to liquid and creamy and I must say, some of them I did not use for a long time. Now they became new favorites just because I changed the texture.

And after a few more experimenting with texture and products to use I came up with the ones I liked the most and wanted to share it with you. Maybe you have the same issue or just want to try something new.

I started with a few different things but in the end I had favorite products I used.

For the liquid highlighter it’s rather easy. You basically just need a highlighter of your choice (or an eyeshadow) and a body or face oil, I used my good old Mary-Lou Manizer from The Balm, which broke after a outdoor shoot a few months ago and the face oil from Weleda with Almonds.

For the cream highlighter there are a few more things. First you need a candle to heat up the product, a spoon and a spatula for the lip balm to melt in. For my cream highlighter I used a highlighter from Anastasia Beverly Hills out of the light to medium Contour Palette and the original lip butter from Labello.

Basically all you need now is a container for your product, a glass you wanna mix it in and some makeup wipes for cleaning up in between. If you have all, it’s time to start!

liquid highlighter


1. Break your highlighter

I know, it sounds horrible, but first of all you need to break up your highlighter. In my case it already is broken. But don’t panic, it’s going to be a brand new liquid highlighter after this! So take your highlighter, pour it into a glass and start cutting it into small pieces with your spatula. Try to get the powder as fine milled as possible, so it can mix even with the oil later on.

2. Mix in the oil

As I already mentioned, creating a liquid highlighter just needs two little steps. The second one is mixing the pigment with the oil. Mixing in the oil is easy, but it always depends on the amount of powder you have prepared. Try to not get to much at the beginning, you can always add more oil to the mixture. I started with about 10 drops and mixed it properly, to see if the highlighter needs more. Go little steps to get the perfect consistency.

3. let’s try it

If you’re happy with your consistency, try the product on the back of your hand, because it might be necessary to add a little bit more oil for the right pigmentation. Th ration of pigment and oil needs to be balanced, so it looks even on the skin and not to overwhelming. Mix and match until you like your new created highlighter and go on to the last step.

4. Fill it up

Last and final step ist to pout the liquid highlighter in a container, label it and it’s ready to use. Little tip, take a container with a small nozzle, as it’s a liquid product, you don’t spill to much, for a longer usage.


cream highlighter

1. Break your highlighter

As for the liquid one, you need to break your highlighter first, I know, still not liking it either. Also crack it until the consistency is like loose pigment, just to make it easier to mix in later on, like with the first one.

2. Take your lip balm

For the creamy texture of the highlighter we use lip balm as a base. So take your lip balm, scratch it out of the container and pour it into the spoon. If you take a lip balm in a stick form, try to get out all of the product with a needle.

3. Melt it

When all the product is on the spoon, but it over a candle and let it heat up until it’s completely melted, stir the mixture with the spatula. Don’t let it cook, otherwise it’s going bad or burn and it will not mix with the highlight powder later on.

4. Mix it

As with the liquid highlighter, the powder needs to be mixed with the melted lip balm. So take your glass with the pigment and pour the liquid lip balm into it. Try to heat the glass a little bit on the heating, so the lip balm needs more time to get in it’s former hard consistency. Mix it until the product is evenly pigmented and pour it into the container you prepared (you can also reuse the lip balm container). Now, let it cool down. If you put it into the fridge, it’s going to be ready in a few minutes. After that, try out your new cream highlighter!

I personally love to create my own products with easy steps like these ones. Also because the cream highlighter now has an even better texture with the benefits of a lip balm, which makes the cheeks even more shiny and the liquid highlighter has now the benefits of a moisturizer, which makes it even better to wear and look like the glow from within.

If you try out my DIY I would love to hear some feedback, let me know if you liked it. which products did you use?