Some of you might know, when it comes to makeup in my everyday life, I’m kind of a lazy person and most of the times I don’t wear makeup at all. But if I do, I like to get an everyday glam makeup look in 20 Minutes or less, because I don’t like to get up early for doing makeup on myself. That’s just how I roll, if you are like me, this everyday glam tutorial, which is possible to do in 20 Minutes is perfect for you as well.

Everyday glam in 20 Minutes

Finally, you might think! And yes, finally I’m doing a super simple everyday glam look for all us lazy people and of course for all who just want to look flawless, but don’t want to waste their time on a makeup which may take an hour or even more. This look is for everybody and is super wearable. The colors of course can be switched up and you can adjust it to your liking, which applies to most of my looks. The last look, which came in green, was also adjustable.

everyday glam

the base

With this makeup look I started with my base, what I normally never do in tutorials, but for my everyday glam look, it works, as I’m not working with dark eyeshadow and I’m faster when I start with my foundation first. So after moisturizer and priming to give a perfect base, I go in with a light foundation, which appears like real skin. For extra coverage, I like to layer it on the areas around my cheeks and nose and for uneven skin, pimples and scaring. I go in with concealer over the foundation, because I don’t need the extra coverage everywhere. To brighten under the eyes, I use a little bit of a lighter concealer. After the base is complete, I like to go in with setting spray, to make my skin one with the product.

the powders

After all the liquids, I set my face, especially under the eyes with some pressed powder. And of course finishing the skin with contouring, bronzing, blush and highlighter. For all this steps, when I really need to be super fast, I try to stick to one palette. For this purpose the Infinity Palette from Linda Hallberg Cosmetics is simply perfect.

the eye makeup

For me after skin, the most important thing is eyes. I could totally skip on lipstick everyday, but with a little bit of eyeshadow you can go from super tired or sick to bright and healthy looking.

So for the eyes I went in with a big fluffy brush and a brown-orange color and blended it all through my crease, a little on the outer corner and lash line and underneath the lashes on the outer half of the eye. This makes the eye look bigger and with adding a light shimmery color in the inner third and the inner corner it brightens and opens up the eyes. Finishing this eye with a bright pencil in the waterline and mascara for an open, bright and glam looking eye, which just a few easy steps.

To round the eyes up, I defined my eyebrows a little bit. I do have a in-depth tutorial on my eyebrow routine on my blog, if you’re interested.

final step

To finish of this look, I put on a lipstick, which is kind of my lipcolor but better and the look is complete.

everyday glam

I love to wear simple looks, that work for your features, and this is what this look does for me. I feel so super comfy in this makeup and like a better looking version of myself!

everyday glam

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Would you wear this everyday glam look on an day-to-day basis?