I finally had the time and inspiration to do another video for my series I started unintentional a while ago, when I did a look for spring and it turned out to look like a exotic bird. In this moment I created this series. Ever since I wanted to film another one and it was on my video list for quite a while now. There are thousands of different exotics birds out there and the great thing is, they actually all look amazing as makeup looks. This time I picked a little feller in white, pink, purple and blue. His name is lilac breasted roller and I simply love the colors. You can find a picture of him in the video!

Exotic Bird Inspired Makeup

To create looks like this one is always super fun. You can let your creative juices flow and the loose inspiration by a animal and the amazingly beautiful colors of exotic birds actually work stunning. My hands just created and in the end I loved the look a lot and still do! It’s simple and actually quite wearable, if you skip the white liner or go for black instead.

It’s a mixture of  a lot of matte colors which softly gradient into each other. A touch of glitter, which is super finely milled and has the perfect color for the look and the little bird I took as a inspiration.

exotic bird

The video is a perfect way to get inspired. Plus, I did post about getting inspired when I first started my blog. A creative trough sucks, so check out the post for inspiration!

I also have the problem, that I’m not always inspired. And having a blog and a youtube channel for me is a job where I want to provide weekly content. That’s not always easy and that’s also why this series is great. I’m always able to create something fun and outstanding by just following the color scheme of a exotic bird! I love this.

exotic bird

Products I’ve used:

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blood Sugar Palette

NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Matte Palette vibrants

NYX Professional Makeup Glitter Brilliant

Loreal Paradise Mascara

NYX Professional Makeup Eyeliner white

exotic bird

Would you like to see another series of makeup looks as well? If you do, let me know in the comments down below!

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