Everyone of use loves winged liner and red lips. Well I gave it a little twist today. It’s not just a simple liner with red lips. It’s and eyeliner for hooded eyes in a green ombre and orange matte lips. I thought I’m going to show you how to create a wing for hooded eyes but as you know me, it needed to be a little extra. If you would also like a tutorial on a simple eyeliner for hooded eyes, let me know in the comments below. I could totally do that too. But for now, we’re going in with this look!

Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes

We all come in different shapes and forms and so do our eyes. That’s why for some of us, eyeshadow and special looks are easier to create, because of a lot of eye space and for some of us it’s harder. Especially when it comes to eyeliner, a lot of us struggle, not only with hooded eyes, in general. But working with hooded eyes can be tricky sometimes and a dark eyeliner can hide all the hard work we did on the lid, that’s why I thought, I’m showing you this pretty simple winged eyeshadow look. Easy to wear in a lot of different colors and so beautiful, not only for hooded eyes.

The look I created

As you can see in the picture, I made an ombre kind of look, so it opens up the eyes, but you don’t need to cut down on the wing. With this winged liner, which is worked into the crease, you can have a super bold liner without hiding the whole lid. Although I do have kind of a lot of lid space, I like to wear a eyeliner like this, because you have an even bigger surface for a creative eyeshadow look on the lid.

the ombre

As I was playing with the teal color, I thought, why not ombre the look, to give an even bigger appearance of the eye. And that’s what I did! I laid the wing down with the teal, cause it’s easier to go in with a lighter color before and work your way into darker colors, so if you mess up, it’s easier to clean up, and for an really opened up look and a lot of brightness in the inner corner I took a shimmery white color to highlight the inner third of the lid and the inner corner. I even took this color to highlight my brow bow and later on took it as a highlight all over my skin, for an over all cohesive makeup look.

a touch of colors

To finish this look of and to give it a sexy and vampy vibe, I went in with an soft orange lip cream. This for me made the look complete.

eyeliner for hooded eyes

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eyeliner for hooded eyes

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