Although the allergies are hitting me right now, I’m in love with the weather! And because of that, I have another tutorial on a super flirty and easy summer makeup. It has a pop of yellow and huge lashes (that’s the flirty factor) and I simply live for it. If you like flirty summer looks with a hint of color, that’s definitely one for you. I like to go for natural skin and nude eye makeup and then give it something special with a little color and lashes.

Flirty Glowy Summer Makeup

It’s definitely a look I like to go for, when I’m invited to a party or event. It’s fast and super wearable. Plus it makes you look awake and you can combine it with a nude or colorful lip. The yellow can be replaced by every other color of the rainbow, as well as the purple lipstick. And of course if you want to have it a little more chilled, you can totally skip the lashes.

I simply wanted to give it that boom effect. Although my eyes weren’t in the mood for having them. That’s why they look a little red – sorry for that – but I can’t control my allergies.

flirty summer makeup


flirty summer makeup


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