I’ll be honest with you guys: I’m not a big skincare girl. I always thought, as I look so young, I don’t need a lot of things. My skin is okay, why even bother. That was my situation until this winter started.

First I want to give you a little background to my skin. I always had dry skin, but I easily could handle it with a little bit of extra moisturizer in the evening and a oil free sunscreen for the day. But now, I guess as I´m getting older as well, my skin isn’t as easy as it was. I do get breakouts on my chin every now and then, my forehead has a lot of little inclusions and in the middle of my forehead and on my cheeks I have really dry skin and a lot of dead skin going on. So basically I have combination skin, but on the areas where it’s normally oily I’m dry and the other way around. So winter brought some gifts I’m not really enjoying. As I don’t know why my skin freaked out suddenly, I figured, I need a little help from a beauty specialist.

That’s where I got this two guys – a oily skin solution and a spot treatment for popping up pimples. The specialist said, to use them every night and clean my skin in the morning only with water and put some oil free sunscreen. I tried this technique for about 1 month, but then I needed to change something, because my dry spots got even drier. Yes my skin cleared up a bit, but because of all the dead skin lying on the surface, the acne spots didn’t stop coming. I almost think, my skin got worse at that point.

I’m a makeup artist and do know how to handle skin problems, but a professional in skincare knows better, anyways that’s what I thought. But as nothing really changed, something needed to happen. So I basically did, what I thought could work out for my skin.

I wanna show you, which products I use since than and the routine I figured out works best.

In the morning, I always start with washing my face only with water. As a second step, I take a new thing I discovered recently, which I love! It’s the serum from grown alchemist. It’s preparing your skin for the other products. You just need a few drops and work it in the skin, so the other products are able to get deeper in the skin.

As a second step I use rose water, I just spray it on my face – it works like a little shower for your face and it’s waking me up. And by the way, it smells beautifully and is perfect for the morning. It’s natural and only contains water and rose extract.

From time to time I think about a old friend of mine from Switzerland, she always used rose water for her skin, and man, she not only was beautiful, also her skin was glowing. And who don’t want to have glowing and healthy looking skin. So every time I browse through the drugstore, I always wanted to take the rose water from apeiron with me, now I finally did. It’s a mixture of tonic and rose water. You can use it as a tonic on a cotton pad to clean your skin or as a refreshing spray to moisturize your face.

As my moisturizer, I use my beloved Vichy Idealia and a little sun protection above, which is a special one from the pharmacy. Now as the season changes and I think I should start with proper skincare, I try to incorporate a little bit more into my daily routine. I know that with changing season my dry skin will get a little better, but still I wanted to try something new and see if it helps with my skin issues. Also as a little tip, always bring your moisturizer also on your neck – that’s the part of the skin most people forget about, but the delicate skin on the neck and chest ages quite fast, so take care of it!

As a final step for my daily routine I also include a eye gel from Sisi and Joe, as I’m not getting younger and my fine lines are especially showing through when my skin is really dry. This product is natural as well and that’s what I like to use, because I think it’s important you don’t put to many chemical ingredients on your face and body. I do use these products on a daily bases, morning and evening and a really can see a difference in how my skin looks. I feel like my fine lines are showing less and my under eye area looks way more fresh than it used to.

And as an extra step – as it’s part of the face as well – I love to moisturize my lips with a little lip balm morning and evening as well!

Every now and then, about 2-3 times a week I incorporate this exfoliator from Pixi into my evening routine. It peels of the dead skin on the surface and leaves a clean and smooth feeling behind. It’s really important to exfoliate the skin a few times a week, as the dead skin prevents the skin care to get into deeply. So basically the whole prep is the most important part for a healthy skin, as no cream will get underneath the surface when a layer of dead cells stops it.

All in all I would recommend these products for everyone who has combination skin and tends to dry skin. Still very important is, to keep the skin hydrated, by simply drinking enough water and don’t wash the face with hot water, as it dries out the skin. These are also two key tricks for healthy and glowing skin!

And don’t forget to give your skin the time to adjust to the new skin care routine at least a few months, only than you can see proper results, if the products work out or not.

Which products do you use on a regular basis and do you switch it up every now and than?

Where to buy

All the products I use are easily to find online, in a pharmacy and at the drugstore. The only thing you only get at the dermatologist, are the first two products.

Neo Strada and Dalacin (dermatologist)

Grown Alchemist Detox Serum (24,75€ via niche beauty)

Vichy Idealia (28,50€ via Apodirekt.at)

apeiron rose water spray (9,95€ via dm)

Sisi and Joe Eyegel (13,95€ via dm)

Manna lipbalm (5,90€ via mannaseife.de)

pixi peel&polish (34€ via niche beauty)


Photos: @Solymár Photography