I haven’t talked about my hair since I cut it to a buzzcut almost 6 months ago. Now I thought I give you a little insight in my monthly routine on dyeing my hair. To dye short hair is a little different than dyeing long hair . After doing this now a few times I feel like I can give you a good insight. Basically a step by step routine on this part. If you just want to see the end result, skip to the end of the video. But if you really are interested in my process, watch the video through. In the post I just want to give you some tips and tricks on dyeing your hair at home. Long or short doesn’t matter.

Dyeing My Hair

Cutting my hair short I actually thought it would keep me from constantly dyeing it. Well, I guess I was wrong. Since than, I already colored it four times and now I feel like a pro already. This said, I’m not a professional hairdresser and if you’re not feeling comfortable doing your own hair, be sure to go to the hairdresser. Especially when it comes to bleaching hair. I always did go to a hairdresser when I still had long hair for the bleaching and only did the color at home. To save time and money. Of course I appreciate a nice cut and an amazing result, but I’m not able to spend hundreds of Euros for my hair every month.

So I started dyeing my hair by myself when I had long hair. And now that I have short hair I also bleach them, as I think I know enough to do it by myself and also I can’t really ruin a lot of hair at the same time.

The Process

Starting of, you should always wear something you don’t really care about, as it could be, that something drips on you and you don’t want your nice clothes to be ruined. Also, try to do it in the bathroom or a room without a carpet, it will save you nerves.

Also, if you plan on bleaching your hair, try to not wash your hair at least 3 days before bleaching. Your scalp will thank you! The natural oils which are on your head will keep your skin from burning from the chemicals in the bleach. I did wash my hair once when I had a hairdresser appointment the day before and it wasn’t close to a good experience, trust me on that. You can also protect your hair with a little bit of coconut oil. Just start with the roots and work your way threw your hair.

Starting with the bleaching make sure to read the instructions and wear some protection gloves. Plus you will need at least one, but maybe two mirrors. For short hair it’s pretty easy to do this step. Take some bleach, rub it on your hair, get every bit of your hair and let it sit for about 30 minutes.

For longer hair you should section your hair and start with the roots. Normally your roots are darker and need the longest to lighten. The ends of your hair will already be a little lighter, if you did do this already in the past and also, they are a little weaker. So starting of at the top of your head working your ways threw until the ends. And than let it sit again for about 30 minutes, depending on your hair color and hair it could take a little longer.

The Reason Why

That’s the reason why for my long hair I always went to a salon to get it bleached, because they know exactly what they do. At least that’s what you hope for. Make sure you pick a salon which does bleach hair super light a lot. You can always check this on their website, instagram or facebook page. If they don’t do a lot of colorful or pastel hair, maybe pick a different salon. I already had this problem before and you don’t want to kill your hair completely by just picking the wrong person to do it.

Next Step

After the bleach set there for 30 minutes rinse hair completely and dry the hair. Because now the fun part starts! For me dyeing hair is so much fun. I love to experiment with colors a lot. Now again, if you have short hair, this step is quite easy. It’s basically as if you would put on conditioner. I like to rub it in a little to help the dye get even.

For longer hair, section the hair again and also rub in the color, to get the most even result.

If it is only a tint, which means no chemicals could ruin your hair, you can let this sit your up to 2h, at least 45 minutes.

dyeing my hair


And that’s already everything. Rinse out the color, don’t use shampoo, just conditioner and try to not wash your hair for about a week to keep the color as long fresh as you can.

I hope I could help you with this post and the video! Have fun with your hair, because at the end, it’s only hair 😉

What I used:

Bleach – Schwarzkopf Blonde extrem plus

Hair Tint – Lime Crime Unicorn Color sext


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