Today’s post is on a little bit of a different note. It’s still beauty and it definitely is hair, but it’s also a really personal one. I shaved my head. Yes, you heard it right, I shaved my head. Why? That’s what this post is going to be all about and also a lot more. But read for yourself.

Why I shaved my head

Well, there are a few reasons. First, because I always wanted to know, how I look without my hair. I loved thinking of it, but never had the guts to cut off all my hair.

Now on the other hand, as you might already know, if you read my hair story a few months ago, I like to change my hair a lot. Basically I get bored a lot and then I do crazy stuff, like doing face masks in the middle of the night or coloring and bleaching my hair at midnight.

This time I wasn’t only bored, I also got bored of my hair. I don’t know why, but I get this feeling a lot, when I look at myself in the mirror and I just want to change something. Now this time, I changed a lot.

shaved my head

What having super short hair says about you

As already mentioned, I thought about cutting off my hair already a few months ago and to be honest already years ago, but to really do it… To really shave my head, was something very different.

Why? Because you have all this voices in your head and all the people surrounding you, saying, “don’t cut off your hair, you won’t look female anymore” or even think you look like you’ve been in prison (these people saw too many movies) or things like “only gay women have shaved heads”. I don’t think or feel the way these people think, but still, these thoughts got stuck in my head and kept me from shaving my head.

So basically it says nothing different about me, than my long colorful hair did, besides, that I’m maybe a little bit different and crazy.

I’m still female, I can still be sexy, feel sexy and for sure look sexy as a woman with my short hair. I’ve never been in prison or have even been close to got arrested and I’m also not gay or question my sexuality. I just like my head and wanted to see it without any hair surrounding it!

shaved my head

my new shaved head

Wow, I didn’t think that I would ever write these lines, but maaan I really really like my shaved head. I already liked my short hair way more than I did my long hair. It just suits me and my personality better. But now, with basically almost no hair at all, I do like it even more. And yes, while I shaved my hair one part of me thought , “girl, you’re crazy and you will for sure regret this step”. But guess what, my hair will grow back if I want to and how simple is it, to just cut it off and let it grow back again. Nothing more simple than that! And right now I don’t even want it to grow back, I like it the way it is and the way I look.

Also, I know a lot of you might share this sensation with me. When I move my hand through my hair, that’s a feeling I want to have all the time. I always liked it, when boys had super short hair, to go through their hair. Now I can and will do that all the time with my own hair. It’s such a tingly feeling I don’t want to miss no more.

Don’t let yourself run by fears others might have

There is one last thing, I want to share with you. We let ourself run from fears, most of the times they’re not even our own. These fears others might have and share with us, we think they’re our anxieties. But they’re not.

Funny thing is, we first see it, when we learn, not to give them in. That’s the point where we learn to see, that the fears of others, are not our own. We let them run our life. Stop it! Also, don’t always give in your own fears, because you never know what’s behind them, if you don’t strike them!

You might think this has nothing to do with me shaving my head – but it does – because I gave these fears in for way to long. And now I’m so happy I finally stopped being afraid and just shaved my head! Shaving my head got me one step further to the person I am and showed me again, that being fearless and just doing it, is for the better.

It’s so relieving in a way I would’ve never thought.

Individuality is something to celebrate!

shaved my head

shaved my head

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Love you guys!