A little backstory to my hair update

As you may have already seen on instagram, I changed my look.

Why that? That’s what I’m going to tell you today!

Well, my hair and me, that’s actually a quite long story. About 2,5 years ago I decided to color them blue. And well, that didn’t work out as good as I hoped. As I had red hair before, it was really hard to get the yellowish tint out of my hair, that’s why I bleached them I think at least three times, always with about 2 months waiting time. Now as we all know, bleaching is not really the best for your hair… and don’t think, that I stopped here.

No. I actually decided to go from blue to turquoise and from these blueish colors to grey. That was about a year and half ago and man, that’s when my hair finally said f*** you! But I freaking loved this crazy colors and changing them from time to time. Now from grey I went to pink and after that I changed it to orange, which was the last colorful look I had on my head. And about half a year ago I knew I needed to get a good trim. Well, I went to my hairdresser and said, cut off all the dead hair. That’s what she did and I had to leave 7 centimeter. My hair was shoulder-length again and I really wanted to let them grow out in a healthy way.

I treated them with good shampoo and conditioner, hair masks every now and than and also I used to wash my hair only once a week because of the natural oil which is quite important for healthy hair. So I really tried everything, but my hair was so damaged, when you look at the pictures where I had orange hair, the ombre effect didn’t happen on purpose, it did happen because half of my hair was so damaged that it couldn’t hold the color anymore. Well, this was finally the point, where I saw, it couldn’t go on like this. So I changed my hair to a dark color, to channel my temptation to color them all over again. Still, it didn’t help a lot. Always when I brushed through my hair, the breakage was showing. Not only by the way they felt, also I had a lot of short hair pieces, basically my hair fell apart every time I brushed it. Yes, that sounds quite overstated, but when you would have seen, what I saw, you would say the same.

So after thinking about shaving my head completely or getting a pixie, I decided to go with the less dramatic look at first.

I need to say, that was the best thing I could do! I’m so happy with the new hair style. I love the feeling of it and the fact that I don’t need to put them up every morning. Because that’s what I did with my long hair, I always had them up in a bun, never wore them open, especially because I hate going through my hair when I work.

Now I have a short pixie!

I feel way more comfortable now and yes, a bit like a new person! And from all the messages I’m gettting, I guess you like my hair update too. Thanks to all your sweet messages and all the love I’m getting for it! Are you happy with your hair or do you wanna change something? Let me know in the comments down below!


Photos: @solymar photography

Haircut by my lovely friend @Valerie Rossacher – you should check out the crazy amazing sfx makeup she does!