While I had a little struggle in June, as you can read in my life update, I also had a little issue with my inspiration and that’s why I started this series of posts. I want to give you a overview about all the little things that can inspire you on your way. While working on a lot of project in different departments it’s not always easy to be inspired all the time in everything I do.

That’s why I look for inspiration in different ways and I want to share them with you.

Today I want to start the series with art. Art is a big field and I want to limit it on the things I love. Illustration in it’s various forms and portrait, sculpture and modern art, which still is a lot, but at least in these fields I can show you my inspirations.

I want to divide into digital and analog inspiration and want to start with the analog ones.

the woods

The woods or nature in general are a big source of inspiration. I like to take a walk threw the woods, take my camera or my sketchbook with me and on some point the inspiration flows. Also the textures of leaves, tree bark and the floor in general are textures you can work with, by painting them, photographing, use them as a tool or scrub the texture onto paper. If this doesn’t help you at all, at least enjoy the nature and the fresh air always helps to clear the head.
Have you ever hugged a tree? If not, do so the next time you take a walk threw the woods. It feels so releasing.


Yes, this might sound, as if I’m trying to make you a spiritual person, but I’m not. I always thought, meditation doesn’t even work, until I gave it a real try and as the clear air, meditation really clears your head and relaxes you in a way you never think of when you did never try it. I see meditation as my kind of drug, as I’m straight edge, I don’t do drugs in any form or kind, but meditation lifts me into another mind state and sometimes opens up ways in my head to think, that bring inspiration for some projects.

art shows/ concerts/ museums

Well, me as an artist, i like to be by myself when I want to work and while I try to think of a new idea, but sometimes the best ideas come, when you don’t think about it and that’s where art shows, theatre, concerts and museums help to stray your thoughts and also get new inspiration for your work. I love to go to concerts as for me music is a big trigger when it comes to channeling me as an artist. I always listen to music, but while a concert I close my eyes and it’s a kind of meditation as well when I listen to the sound of the voice and loos myself for a moment.


haha. Yes, I mean it. Sometimes you just need to go to your kitchen, chop up some veggies, grill them, make some delicious food and feel it in your body. Step away from your desk, clear the mind and think about how gooood this will taste. Trust me – inspiration sometimes comes by doing something completely different.


Last but not least, the best thing of all, sex. Inspire yourself, by enjoying yourself and others. I think there’s no need to say more.

Now let’s go to the digital side of art inspiration


For me pinterest is the biggest inspiration when it comes to digital inspiration. I love to browse through the never ending ideas of other people. Important while working with pinterest is:

  • set a timer
  • don’t limit yourself on the actual theme itself
  • make walls (you can also but them private)

The timer point I think is the most important one, as you really can loos yourself and track of time while searching through pinterest and the second point, don’t limit yourself. If you look for inspiration for a design project, don’t only look at designs others did, look at nature, animals, prints, fabric etc.


As a second inspiration I use instagram a lot. And since there is a way to save images from others ig got even better. As with pinterest, try to limit the time. I think on instagram it’s not as easy to look for inspiration when you are really looking for something particular but I save everything which could fit for a project I’m working on right now, while I go threw ig every day. So this is more like a wall full of unsorted inspiration, as pinterest is a more structured inspiration source.
Still I love to get inspired by my save panel.

behance & dribble

Definitely I great source for art and design, illustration and all the other goodies. But try not to get frustrated by all the excellent work you come across. It can get a little bit overwhelming with all the great artists out there

There is still a lot of other inspirational sources, but these are the ones I think are the most important, at least for me, to get inspired for my illustrations and artworks.