OMG guys, I’ve got big news!

I’m starting a series of workshops and coachings!

I’m so excited that I’m finally able to share this with you!

I’ve been planning this a while already and now it’s time to IMPRESS and EXPRESS. What this means? I’m going to explain everything to you.

I had this plan in mind, that I want to teach my knowledge to people, since I started doing makeup. I was teaching at a makeup school for a while, but that didn’t quite work out. So I started to think about doing my own thing. And now it’s finally time for it. I’ve planned two different series, so there’s something for everyone of you.

IMPRESS is a series of coachings, where I teach you your personal best way of doing makeup on yourself. It’s perfect for beginners, people who want to get a new input or learn a new technique for their day-to-day makeup, a night out makeup or are simple stuck in a routine which doesn’t work or doesn’t work anymore or even for models and bloggers, who want to learn something new in makeup.

EXPRESS on the other hand are workshops for people already working in the industry. For makeup artists, photographers and new people in the beauty industry. I’m showing you different ways to achieve creative beauty makeup. Easy ways to get a perfect makeup look and different materials to use for a unique creative makeup. Everything explained and shown directly on a model. I want to inspire you, to create!

Impress And Express

So here it goes! The teaser should show, how the workshops are going to be and give a little insight in my work. I’m already excited and nervous about your feedback and thoughts about it. Don’t be shy to ask me anything you want to know!

For more details on when, how and where, how much it is, be sure to check my facebook page, I’m going to have a detailed flyer there, or just drop me a line (via email, fb, instagram or via commenting down below) you know how to get a hold of me!

But now, let’s start together in this new adventure! Which clearly without you and many help from others, wouldn’t been here today. That’s why I want to give many thanks, to everyone helping me making this baby happen! Especially a big shoutout goes to my friends David Keusch aka Fiskur the videographer and my model Kerstin Brueller (who will also be my workshop model); I couldn’t have done this without you guys!

Now enough talking, let’s get creative together! I’m already excited to work with you!

Express workshop Kerstin Brueller

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