Yes, I know, it has been a while, but that’s why I wanted to do a little life update for you guys which don’t follow me on instagram.

life update1

Puh, where should I start. Basically, I had a lot on my mind, with working, studying and trying to keep up with things I struggled a lot to have a free mind for writing and as that’s the reason why I blog, I just don’t wanted to post anything just because somebody says so. I want to blog about my life, what I do, the struggle and all which comes with it. And sometimes that means, that I don’t blog at all. Still, I missed it a lot, sitting here and pack all my thoughts and write them down.

life update2-woods

Well, the last time you heard from me is about a month ago, that’s when everything just got to much and I needed to slow down or just put one thing away for a second so I can breath again. And for me normally that is social media and now as well my blog – as it’s really time consuming. Even though I love to post pictures, create them and write down my thoughts about things, I can’t do all.

Now after a month full of studying and creating projects for university, working on project, with brand and people as a makeup artist – as you may noticed, the wedding season already started. It’s really a lot sometimes, but I love what I do and that’s why I also love to give my all, which sometimes means that I work two weeks straight without a break and also try to get my place at home together, which sounds as it is – hard.

But let’s start with all the great things which took place in the last month. Well, first there was the production of “proportaled” a prequel for a mini series which will take place next year. We shot in a little town in Germany which is called Stein an der Traun, in a castle and in the woods. First I was a little nervous about this project, but the production turned out really great!

After these intense 5 days in the beginning of June, I had a few little shootings, for summer collections and commercials and stuff, which I also love to do. While all these I also had a premiere from all the projects I have been a part of in the last year from our university. The masterprojects had their prepremiere and it was so much fun and for me as well a opportunity to show how many projects I do, while I do my normal job and university.

Last week I had a little timeout I would call it, I had a sculptor workshop for five days and it was so relaxing and took my mind off of all the things which stressed me at the moment. While the workshop I finished my projects for illustration – you can see them on my graphic design portfolio website – I will link it down below. Which also happened in that week where two stylings for brides. I loved the outcome of the looks and I really need to say, I kind of love to style brides, as it’s – at least for me – is a completely different part of my job as a makeup artist.

And now finally the last week I had a few exams, presentations and also things to drop of, assignments for this semester. And as always, that’s all in one or two weeks at the end of semester and that can get kind of stressful sometimes.  Although I try to keep my stress level down, sometimes it’s just not working out as I want to, because I’m a little bit of a perfectionist and that’s really not that easy on me. But with the years I’m learning how to get things done faster, with perfection and still have time to relaxe sometimes – or I force myself to relaxe, so I don’t go crazy every semester.

So that’s what happened in the last about 30 days and also that’s why I didn’t post anything on here.

life update3

But now, as I have summer break – there will happen more on here – I promise (myself). I hope you also enjoyed the time of 😛


my graphic design portfolio:

my website: (also some new projects online)