There are some people, which seem always perfect. Their outfit always looks stunning, they have flawless skin and shiny hair. With their style and authentic laid-back attitude they even catch our attention from the other side of the street. I want to give you some little tips and tricks which can boost your confidence to be as laid-back and feel awesome about yourself. It will help you to feel put together. These five little tricks don’t take a lot of time, but they will have an impact on you and the way you feel about yourself. Confidence comes from within, but why not boost in with some tips and tricks!

Start With Fresh And Nourished Skin

With the right products you will make your skin shine; this will make you feel more confident in your skin and you will not only see your skin improve, but also your mood. Put hydrating skincare underneath your foundation for a perfect application and for this perfect and flawless looking skin. With highly effective skincare, you can perfect your routine and your skin, like I showed you in my recently updated skincare routine.

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A Little Concealer And Lipbalm

Some brightness underneath the eyes and a little color on the lips makes everyone instantly look more put together. On my no-makeup-days I love to just use some concealer underneath the eyes and my dark spottes, a little rosy lipbalm or gloss and I instantly feel better about me. I feel so great in it and people recognize it. A easy and effective step!

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You Can Never Go Wrong With Black

Looking effortless can be effortless. Statement and classic pieces in neutral colors and black is a easy way to go and you basically can’t go wrong. Don’t act like you’re somebody your not. Classic and comfortable is the way to go. Wear what you like, but keep it in a cohesive color palette. With a all black look or a pop of color, you can never go wrong.

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You Favorite Perfume

Fragrances can make you feel so different. Some perfumes are linked to people or moments we like to remember. Use this power, to feel your best and most confident. Wearing perfumes which remind you of persons you love, places you loved living in or just moments you like to remember can empower you for any occasion.

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Wear and show your personality. Through all this tips and tricks, don’t forget to be yourself. Be confident in who you are, trust in yourself and feel yourself. We all carry our magic with us, show it to the world and you will see, how beautiful it can be, to just be yourself and feel awesome about it!

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And these are my five little tricks on how to feel and look more put together, you don’t need much, trust me!

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Are you struggling with your style or being confident in who you are? Don’t be! Everybody is unique and that’s what makes you so special!