For all of you grungy ladies, who love a little bit of color, todays look is simply perfect. And for everybody else out there – you should try something new and different for your makeup. I know, this might not be an every day look and even not wearable for some of you, but for me it’s perfect for a night out or whenever you like to wear it.

details on the look

When I go in, I really dig in deep. That’s what this look stands for. Starting with the idea, that I wanted to do something smokey and green, the look you see in the video and on the pictures down below came out.

the look

the eyelid

I like to start with the eyes, so my moisturizer can sunk into my skin and it’s perfect primed for the rest of the makeup. Staring of with priming the eyes first, with a concealer or an eyelid base, I always switch it up. But if you tend to oily lids, I would always go with an eye base, so everything stays in place as long as possible. Also setting the base with a bit of loose powder helps the oils from coming onto the surface.

the colors

Blending a light neutral color into the crease as a transition is the start of most looks, as it makes blending the other colors ways easier and also can help to warm up the eyes as an example.

Going into the outer crease and inner part of the lid with the first color on a blending brush, stamping it before blending makes it more pigmented and also helps with fallout underneath the eyes. Also a good trick to get the shape you’re going for more evenly. It’s like giving an outline before blending it out.

After the basic shape is set down with the first color, I went for an even darker green color and a slightly more defined blender brush and placed the color on the outer and inner part of the lid, blending is ever so slightly into the crease. Always remember that you don’t want to replace the last color, just give more depth. Important step inbetween is always to blend with the first or even a clean brush.

vibrant colors

Cleaning up the middle of the lid with a base or concealer makes colors that go onto the top more vibrant and gives it an even look at the end. With shimmery and light colors as makeup geeks pixie dust, that’s an important step to remember.

Finishing the upper lid with a dark red, which leans towards purple gives a little bit of warmth back into the look and gives it the final tough.

lower eyes

Now onto the lower lashline I placed the two green colors also as in the halo technique I used on the eyelid before and popped the lime right into the center of the lashline. Blending everything with a fluffy brush and the dark red purple color for an even outcome.

The inner corner got a mixture of lime and a white shimmery highlight to bring the look together.

final thoughts

For me this look comes together with a slightly feathered eyebrow and no mascara. Also an important step for a dark smokey eye and more cool tones is to warm up the skin with bronzer. I like this trick to balance out the look. And if you feel you got to much bronzer on, you can always go in with a clean brush and soften it up.

products I used for the look: