You guys, this week started a little late. I came back from London on Tuesday last week and still needed to shoot my whole makeup for the Top 10 of the nyx face awards in Austria. Well, that was kind of stressful and almost made me throw it all in the corner of my studio. But after a whole lot of errors, my A.I. finally came to life on Friday. I shot the whole tutorial and we shot the intro. I was so relieved. I’m so happy I have friends, which are also the perfect film team at the same time. With them on my side it was so easy to do and my tension which built up over the 48h of work before the shooting was finally gone.

Seeing the whole makeup finished and in scene always makes me realize, how awesome it is, to do sfx makeup. It’s really special to me. And I’m so glad I did this step again, to participate in the nyx face awards this year. I always learn new stuff with every video I do. Being part of this makes me realize it even more, that that’s my future!

But now on to the makeup. Most of you might have already seen the video, but I’m still going to include it. I’m so proud of it and hope it’s going to get me into the Top 5 tomorrow! Wish me luck!!

Starting With The Base

I again started with applying a bald cap, to work over it and to have a clean back head. For my “human face”, which I wanted to keep basic, as an artificial intelligence normally is built from the inspiration of a female human, in my case at least female, I also went a little further back until the top of my head. Building up a edge of skin, so it looks like, the electronic parts in the back are underneath my “human” skin.

The Beauty Makeup

Starting with the makeup, I applied kind of the same base, I go for, when it comes to super full coverage and flawless skin. Plus two times of setting in between with some spray, to makeup it look fresh and make it stay in place all threw the day. my eyebrows, which are bleached, are only set in place with some soap and setting spray on a spoolie. For the eyeshadow I went with a natural look, only some brown in the crease for a little bit of definition and a matte highlight on the brow bow and lid, plus a shimmery highlight in the inner corner. Basically I wanted to look like I’m out of space natural beautiful.

My cheeks where also only contoured super light and a flush of color on the cheeks for the healthy natural looking skin. As already said, it should look like as if I’m out of silicone or plastic. But wanted to look like the perfect human. For lips I also went for a slighty pink nude lip and lip oil for that unreal shine of the lips.

artificial intelligence nyx

The Paintjob

To see, that I’m not human, I included some electronics and cables underneath my skin on my neck. Which was tricky on some points. And the color didn’t stick to my skin that well, but I made it work anyways.

artificial intelligence nyx

Applying The Sfx Parts

I like to show every aspect of makeup in my looks. Which means combining beauty makeup with special effect. I like to show, that makeup is a wide range of different things which are all awesome and able to be combined, if you do it the right way. Trying to keep it simple, but still showing what I can do, is my way to go.

Now the application of the silicone pieces wasn’t that easy. First of all, I needed to work on the back of my head – what did I even think when I planned this makeup look?. And second thing was, I also wanted to make it look like it’s real.

By placing them on a bald cap head and cut out in paper I made it easier for me, to know, where I want to place them on my head in the end. And actually it turned out to work pretty good when having 4 mirrors all around you to see, what you do on the back of your head.

artificial intelligence nyx

Finishing Touches

To finish my look and the whole scene I included a back head piece, a bra and a shoulder piece out of EVA foam, put on a white tshirt and painted one of my hands white. The cables which where hanging out of my head where also fixed in between the applications.

Plus I did a small hand application for my actor Daniel, playing the doctor, to show, he is also experimenting with his own body.

And that’s it. This is my interpretation of an artificial intelligence.

artificial intelligence nyx

Products I’ve used:

Bald Cap – Kryolan glatzan bald cap

Glue – Kryolan pros aide & mastix

Primer – Mac Strobe Cream pinklite & Makeup Forever Smoothing Primer

Foundation – Bobbi Brown Skin Long-Wear Weightless sand & Fenty Beauty Foundation 160

Concealer – Colourpop No Filter Concealer C1

Powder – Kryolan Powder

Contour – NYX Micro Contour Duo Pencil medium

Blush – NYX Blush down to earth

Eyeshadow – NYX Full Throttle Shadow Palette color riot & NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette smokey & highlight

Mascara – Sigma Embellish Lash Mascara brown

Setting Spray – NYX Setting Spray matte

Lipliner – NYX Retractable lipliner nude pink

Lipoil – NYX #thisiseverything lip oil 

Eyeliner – NYX Always Keepin It Tight brown

Paint – Eulenspiegel black & white, NYX Vivid Brights Eyeliner various colors

Lenses – Mini Sclera black & Neon pink Lens 053

Thanks again to the whole team, which made this awesome intro and the whole thing complete and possible!


dop: Michael Wimpissinger

light & grip: Markus Kendlbacher & Christopher Eberle

art direction: Kerstin Maria Gatterbauer

actors: Markus Kendlbacher & Daniel Solymár

photos: Solymár Photography

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