I thought I start of my comeback with a post about something you’re used to read here. Makeup. And something I love the most to do, reviews. Actually I didn’t even wanna get the Blue Blood Palette from Jeffree Star Cosmetics first, but then I saw Jeffrees Video on the Collection and I don’t know what happened, but I bought it right on launch day. Now there have passed some weeks since this day and I had it lying around in my studio for several weeks, always wanting to get into it, but just didn’t have the time or muse to actually do it. But now, finally both is back and so am I.

All About The Palette

First I want to tell you just a little bit about the palette itself. As all the JSC products, the palette is cruelty free and vegan, otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it. As I went cruelty free at the beginning of the year. It comes also again, as the blood sugar palette, with 18 unique eyeshadows. A combination out of three different formulas, matte, shimmery and one pressed glitter eyeshadow.

This all in a really unique pale blue packaging. Since the blood sugar palette all of Jeffree Stars palettes are in stunningly packaging. I guess it came with the success of the brand.

blue blood palette

The Eyeshadows

Now onto the eyeshadows. I have done four looks with the palette already, two of them you will see in the video down below and two I did as close ups for my instagram. I tried to use as many different colors as I could to give you a really good overview about the pigmentation and quality. Now in the video you can see and hear a few thoughts about the product. But I also wanted to give you some more details in this post.

I always like to start my eyemakeup of with a primer, either a concealer or a real eyeshadow primer. When it comes to really colorful shadows I often go in with an actual primer, to get the full effect.

blue blood palette

Working on a moist base, makes blending a little bit harder, for every eyeshadow out there, not only the ones I want to talk about today, just as a little disclaimer on the side.

Also I wanted to mention, blue eyeshadows are in general always a little bit harder to blend.

Now this palette is basically just blue eyeshadow in every possible shade you can imagine. Which means, most of the shadows are a little bit harder to blend. Nothing serious, but still worth mentioning.

Pigmentation & Blend

I used the eyeshadows in different ways and blended them in two different ways as well, to find out, what works for them and how they look the best. Now what I found out is, that they like a sticky base and not so much a base which has already been set. They are way more pigmented as well as easier to blend onto each other.

The only color I struggled a little with is definitely blue monday. Actually one of my favs in the palette, but a little bit tricky. It likes to look a little patchy whilest blending and you need to go back after blending to bring back the full effect. Normally this happens with a lot of colors, I had the same thing happening with the Alien palette. It’s just something you need to find out (or I did for you) and work around it. Nothing crazy though.

Overall all the colors blend really nice, are super nice pigmented, the shimmery ones are even without spraying them with any facial spray. Only the pressed glitter is a little bit tricky, but with some facial spray on your brush and a little glitter base or just a tacky base, everything works fine.

Final thoughts

Now you know me, I’m a big fan of JSC and there products, but I will always give you my honest review on everything. And yes, the palette is super nice, packaging is definitely more so a collectors item, than easy for traveling, but I mean, you know that when you buy it already. Nice mirror and amazing pan size (I like bigger pans for working with the colors). Overall the palette was great to work with, not the easiest to blend, but still easier than other blues I’ve tried over the years and definitely a palette I can recommend if you like colors. You can still create some nice day time looks with this palette, but it is definitely more a outstanding palette for being creative. So if you want to buy it, think about your routine and habits beforehand.

If you have any thoughts or feelings about the palette let me know, I would like to chat about it with you and other than that, have a super nice and colorful day!

The Video


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