It’s been a while since I posted something on here I know. You guys, it has been a really overwhelming month, but all the details and some random talk you will find in the video down below. Thats why I did this chit chat GRWM/Tutorial for you guys. Also, I didn’t show my whole face routine, as the video has already been super long.

But before we get into the video I would like to give a little Review on the In Your Elements Fire Palette from NYX, as I mainly used this palette for my eyelook in the video.


As you can see on the picture, I tried to use as many colors from the palette as possible, so you can see, what the colors look like and how they blend, feel and how the pigmentation is on them.

In total I used 8 of the 12 shadows in the palette and I tried to use another one, but it was to dark.

the look

the eyelid

Starting with the look I went with the mauve color in the upper row right. This color would also work perfectly as a all over smokey day makeup. I find this color really pigmented and super blendable. Working the red color from the second row also into the crease worked seemless with the mauve color underneath, so they work great with each other. Which for me is important, if I take a palette with me for traveling. The third color I used was the dark red, second color in the last row. This color I must say, would be my favorite, I simply love colors like this. Blended well and not into a grey, which sometimes happens with colors like this. Also this dark red blended in perfect with the rest of the red toned colors.

Then after cutting the inner part of my lid with some Mac paint pot, I applied the teal color onto the base, which made it really vibrant, also without using any water or setting spray it worked wonderful. Used with setting spray it gets even more vibrant. I think this color would also look really great for an highlight on the middle of the lid for a black smokey eye makeup.

I also tried the off black color, which for me, is perfect to don’t mess up the look. Sometimes with high pigmented blacks the look can get way to dark way to easy and with this dark grey or off black  color you can work it into the crease without risking to cover all the work from before.

lower part of the eye

Now onto the lower lashline I popped on the mauve color again and put the copper color, also without any setting spray, right onto the lashline and wow this color guys, it’s super pigmented, no fallout what so ever and the glitter in it is beautiful. Would also work super good for a pop of color on a brown smokey eye.

And the last two colors that I used was the lime glitter color, I worked it onto a light highlight for the inner corner, but also tried it on it’s own already and it’s also really pigmented, easy to work and works with a brush and with the fingers. The last color was the gold glitter one from the second row and I used it to blend the lime green and copper together on the lower lashline and it looks stunning. Will try this color for a more detailed review on the lid as well, as I used it on a really small portion on the eyes.

I also tried to use the beige color from the first row as a highlight, but for me it was to dark for my liking, that’s why I needed to switch to another palette for my highlight.

final thoughts

My final thoughts on this palette are really positive. NYX did a great job on this one. The only con for this palette: it doesn’t have a light enough color for my skin to highlight. Although for me that’s ok, but some of you might not like that fact.

Overall the colors are super pigmented and blend well, there’s not a lot of fallout, like for the most colors there isn’t any at all. The color variation is great and it’s not a simple warm palette, it really looks like fire and that’s what I really dig on this palette, that they managed it to look like the name said!

products I used for the look: