I’m back from a month full of halloween looks, which you can see on my youtube channel. But October was super hardcore with editing the videos and shooting them of course, that I just wasn’t able to update you here. But now I’m back and I’m here with a very special collection. The friendcation collection from dose of colors! I’m super excited for the collection and I teamed up with the lovely Vicky so we could give you more input on the palette and collection. I asked you on instagram if you would still like to see a review and here we are, cause you asked for it. Let’s jump right in!

Delivery Of The Friendcation Collection

Starting of, I wanted to say a little something to the delivery. I ordered my package the first few minutes the collection went online and it took ages to get to me. Dose of colors in this case isn’t really the one to blame, more so the Austrian customs office. Plus, the super sad thing was, that one of the eyeshadows broke and both of the normal lipsticks fell out of the tube. But enough about that, I actually don’t want to think about it anymore. Let’s get to the fun part.

friendcation collection dose of colors

The Friendcation Collection

As I got the whole friendcation collection, I want to give you some details on every piece of it. Starting of with the palette and the highlighters, going over the different lipsticks and there formula and of course the lipglosses or toppers.

The Eyeshadow Palette

As I opened the friendcation palette first (ignoring the fact one of the eyeshadows was shattered) I fell in love with the concept of it. The color selection is definitely something different, but something everyone can work with. It gives the possibility to go from a everyday look, to a smokey bronzy look over into super colorful looks with three great and super different pops of color.

I would definitely say, this is one of the palettes I will use often, as the colors are just magnificent and super blendable, plus the pigment is there. Going into the glittery shades you can totally work with them without any base or anything, but if you want them to pop even more, go underneath with a white or black base or just a concealer. It will make the colors even more outstanding than they already are. The only thing I had with dirty money was, that it reacted a little funny on my eyes. I felt a little something like burning. So if you’re also sensitive, you’re warned. Not to forget, they have a little bit of kickback, which to me is kind of fine, but also not everyone likes it, as you loose a little bit of money every time.

Now 55 dollars for 10 shades might not be the most affordable palette that’s for sure, but if you are a makeup lover and you’re looking for something special, you might want to go for something like this and you won’t be scared of by the price. Plus you can now not only order it from the official website but also beauty bay, which makes the shipping a little easier I think.

I hope I gave you enough insights into the palette itself. If you got anymore questions, don’t hesitate to ask or also watch the video to see the actual pigment and blendability.

friendcation collection dose of colors

The Highlighters

Highlighters are something really personal. At least that’s what I think. There are so many with all the undertones you can imagine and sometimes you fall in love with one from the very first moment, sometimes it needs some time and for the others you just don’t fall at all.

These two are definitely more so from the first category. I liked them both from the first moment on. Maybe it wasn’t love, but a strong connection. The lighter one, Fuego, is a comeback. They already had it in there first collab with dose of colors and now, they brought it back (I actually think it’s already sold out again). People loved it, people still love it and I’m a fan too. It’s definitely a color also lighter skin tones can wear, although it has a golden touch. But because it also shifts into a little bit of a pearl, it works perfectly. Chasing the Sun on the other hand is a deeper highlighter, with a more bronze undertone and therefore also perfect for deeper skin tones. But I totally feel like it will look amazing in summer as a blush topper or bronzer for lighter complexions.

As said in the beginning, highlighters to me, is a super personal thing, not everyone loves every finish, but I do really like the finish of these ones. The are not so shimmery, more so they leave a glossy finish and that’s what I prefer over a glittery or shimmery highlighter.

The Lipsticks

Not much to say about the lipsticks, but I love the colors and also that they picked a little bit of a different shade with aftermath and not another nude color. I love the formula, the are really comfy to wear and stay a really long time. I wore them a few times now and got a compliment every time and also I did never touch them up.

friendcation collection dose of colors

The Liquid Lipsticks

On the other hand the liquid lipsticks are not really my cup of tea. I like the colors, no doubt in that department. But they are giving me this funny line on the lips when they wear of. And also, for a liquid lipstick they don’t really stay for a long time. But that’s just my opinion on them. You might like the texture and everything. I just don’t really.

The Glosses

And last but not least, the glosses. Here’s another item they brought back and one gloss is new. So I’m not really a gloss kind of girl. In summer I had a phase where I loves them. But the rest of the year I stick to lipsticks or balm. Now besides that fact, I think they look and feel really nice. They have these little specs of glitter in them and also they are not sticky at all, what I really love.

But I still won’t wear them a lot, just because I don’t wear gloss a lot.

friendcation collection dose of colors

My Final Thoughts

Now onto my final thoughts on the collection. There are definitely pieces you could think about buying them, others to me are more so a waste of money. The palette itself is gorgeous, the lipsticks are too, although hey girl is another peachy pink nude. I would buy aftermath and stick to your nudes you already got. The liquids to me are a waste of money, but as I said, my lips might just not coop with them. I prefer a liquid lipstick which really stays put. And the glosses are cute, but if you have the fenty glosses, you might also skip on them. And last but not least, the highlighters are super cute and definitely worth a try if you love highlighters.

That’s everything and I hope I could help you with your decision on the collection. If you have any other questions, you can hit me up.

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