While I already did a more classic look for Christmas, I thought I also include a more dramatic holiday makeup for you. This one is also in the red and gold kind of range, but has a totally different vibe, than the previous look. If you did miss out on the previous look you can find it as a tutorial on my blog.

How to pull off dramatic makeup

Today I’m not going to give you a description on the look, I’m more likely going to give you some advice how to pull off a look like this. I guess some of you aren’t wearing makeup on a daily bases, neither do I. But when I do take the time, I’m most of the time going bold.

the right mix

The first thing and I feel, the most important thing to remember is, to mix bold with light. So if you do go with dramatic eyes like this, try to stick to a nude lipstick or even just lipgloss. This way, the overall look is balanced.

the base

When wearing a intense eye makeup, you should try to have a super clean and well covered base. I typically go with full coverage with a look like this, to pull the look together. If you don’t do this, it might look a little off and could look like you forgot something. A smooth base and clean under eye area will make this look not only look better, but also way easier to wear. If you wanna see an in depth video on how to get a perfect base, leave me a comment down below and I will try to film one for you.

final touches

With a full coverage base and bold eyes, you need to balance everything with bronzer. To make your skin looking fresh and healthy, with all the bold colors on your eyes a little bronzer will help. Be sure you find a perfect bronzer for your skin color and type to even out the complexion and makeup the final look perfect to wear to any occasion and it will also make you more comfortable with your dramatic holiday makeup.

I hope I could help you out with this little tricks to make your makeup outstanding and you the eyecatcher on every party.

The funny thing which always happens to me when I wear a lot of eye makeup and look into the mirror, I totally forgot about it and I’m a little shook every time.

products I used for the look: