I’m not big, when it comes to trends. I don’t like to do, what everybody does, but when I saw this cruising around the internet I knew I needed to try it out! Why? Well, there are two reasons. First, I really really love freckles. I’m sad, that I’ve never had any and I will never have freckles naturally. I adore the look of them and how the skin always looks so amazing. And secondly, I also think henna is amazing. The way it looks, the ornaments in it and basically everything. Now I know. in this tutorial henna is used way differently, but still, the way it looks, it’s color, to me is so beautiful. It’s like the sand in Cambodia. This dusty brick red!

But now onto the tutorial! Of course I needed to document it in a video and here it is, but also, I’m giving you a little backstory and what to think of in the first place, when you wanna try this faux freckles as well.

What To Do Before Trying Faux Freckles

Well, I saw a video on instagram, which was my inspiration to also try this faux freckle technique. After that I did a little research on henna and bought mine of of amazon. When it arrived I wanted to try it right away, but I know with things like henna, you can never be sure, if it’s real henna or not. So before I tried it all over my face, I did a little design on my foot, to try the material and if it will harm my skin. You should definitely do this too, if you try this technique! Now after I was sure, the henna is not harming my skin in any way, I used it for my face as well.

Starting The Faux Freckles

Before I set down to film the video I cleaned my skin in the morning as I always do and also but on my moisturizer. As you can see in the video, I also but on a few drops of oil before hand, to protect my skin. I don’t really know if this really was the reason why it actually turned out as it did, but I think it helped.

The henna I have needs to be cut open to use, so I tried to make a super tiny hole, for precise application. And as a final step I got a picture as inspiration on how to do them and make them seem natural.

The Henna Application

After all the prep I started applying dots in uneven patterns on my face. Starting of in the centre and working my way through my whole face. I always went back and forth between left and right because I thought it will make them look the same darkness while drying. Which it did!

Let It Dry

After the application I let it dry for about 10 minutes and I was super scared, not knowing what was under this dark brown dots. But after 10 minutes I wiped it of with some baby wipes and this is how it turned out!

fake freckles henna

What do you think? Fail? Do you like it? Let me know!

Products I’ve used:

Oil – Beauty Bakery baking oil

Henna – Golecha red-brown

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