The new fenty foundation

When I heard of the new makeup line from Rihanna, I knew, I wanted to try at least the foundation. As a makeup artist my heart jumped as I heard she will bring out 40 shades of foundation and more are coming. Everyone of us is struggling with the right shade of foundation over and over again. But with 40 shades, she makes it quite easy to find a perfect match for mostly everybody. Also women of color do have a lot of variety in color and undertone and that’s what makes this launch so special as well.

What’s always problematic

It’s not that easy to fined your perfect shade, that’s why I collected some of my thought for matching here, to maybe help you match your foundation better next time.

When you’re lucky, a brand will bring out 12 shades. Most of the time they are all light to medium skin tones . Then the variety of undertones is really limited especially in the light section. When it comes to drugstore foundations, I always struggle. I simply can’t find a match for my skin tone with the right undertone.

For me as a person with fair to light skin tone it’s always hard to find matching shades. Most of the lighter shades are with pink undertones, although it doesn’t work for most of us fair ladies. With high end foundation that’s not always a problem, but sometimes. Fenty beauty made a good selection of cool, to neutral into warm undertones, so basically it’s really easy to figure out your shade.

To sum it up, the Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation is available in 40 shades from light, medium, tan to dark. You get 32 Ml which are 1.08 oz. and it costs 30€. That’s kind of a middle priced foundation. 

How to find your perfect shade

For sure it’s always easier with matching, when being in a store, than online. Sadly in Austria fenty beauty is still not available in store. But you can get fenty beauty in their online shop and also in Harvey Nichols online shop. So if you’re in London, Istanbul or any other country with a Harvey Nichols, try to color match directly in store. If not, I would suggest to watch a few online review for a overview of colors. I basically watched tons of reviews online and checked the colors online. I tried to compare girls with the same skin colors as mine is and tryied to match it with the shades they chose.

color matching in store

For matching in store, always match your foundation to the color of your body and not your face. The face is always lighter, due to washing and exfoliating regularly. Also, try to get a match while your skin is clean, without any makeup on, so it’s easier to compare. Swatch 2-4 shades you think could match on your jaw line. Comparing 2-4 shades next to each other makes it easier with matching. That’s basically it.

If you struggle with matching, ask somebody in the store or take your girl with you, that always helps.


So now onto the review of the actual product.  The new foundation from Rihannas new makeup line fenty beauty.

I matched my shade, as already discussed above, online. Which is not the easiest thing to do, but most of the time, it somehow works out fine. I rather like to go a little lighter in color than  too dark, as in winter I will be white as paper again, and I want to wear it all year around.

The packaging

First of all I must say, I love the packaging, the container, the sleek and elegant design of the foundation a lot. Really, a lot. The whole brand is really nude to white packaging. Also I love when foundations come with a pump. A big plus, when it comes to hygiene, which is a really important thing for liquid products. You don’t want to contaminate it with any bacteria.

The foundation

To the actual foundation itself, when you pump it out, it’s really liquid and the smell is kind of intense but really good. It reminds me a lot on one of my truly loved Dior perfumes. For all of you, not liking face products with a strong scent, it quickly vanishes when applied.



I love to use a beauty sponge when applying foundation. With my damp sponge I normally need 2 pumps of foundation for my whole face and neck. With the fenty beauty foundation I needed a third pump, which isn’t a bad thing at all, but I just wanted to let you guys know, as it maybe will not last as long as any other foundation. I only tried it with the beauty sponge as I have a little dry skin and I already knew the foundation has a powdery to dry finish and didn’t want it to look caky or anything.

With three pumps of foundation you can get an even layer with a medium coverage. Also it’s easy to built up. For my skin, I don’t even need to set it, as the soft matte finish which the foundation claims to be, looks and feels super soft and flawless. Even with the medium coverage for me it leans towards full coverage.

As said earlier, I matched my color a little lighter and I chose to get the 160 warm peach, with on my skin is still a little too pink, but when it sets I feel it’s way better, than when you first apply it. That’s because it oxidizes a little, but not bad at all. All over I must say, the foundation looks and feels really good on the skin and I really love the finish.

Wear time

After trying the foundation a few days in a row, which for me actually already says a lot and also trying to wear it as long as I can – yesterday I wore it for 12 hours straight – I can’t say anything bad about the foundation at all. I love the look of it, even more when it’s already on my face for a few hours. It feels lightweight and looks fresh for at least 7 hours, after that I noticed a little bit of shine on my nose and cheeks, but that’s kind of the area I always get oily. And after a whole day of wearing I noticed that on my nose it fades first – but that’s also something that happens all the time with every foundation.


All in all I really do love this foundation and it’s definitely my new go to foundation. I still think, it can be tricky for dry skin with dry patches, as it has a matte finish. But with good exfoliation and a little moisturizer I don’t see any problem with my skin and I kind of have a little bit of problematic skin.

The only thing I would do next time is wait for a trip to the UK or any other country with a Harvey Nichols, for matching the right shade. As it’s not perfect matching something like undertone online. Although – really in love!


What do you guys think of the foundation, have you got a chance to try it? Do you like the look of it?

Photos: Solymár Photography