I can’t even begin how proud I’m actually about the fact that this post is going live! Seriously, I wanted to go cruelty free for about a year now. I did a whole post about cruelty free makeup a while ago and since than I always delayed the decluttering. Why you ask? Well, out of several reasons I want to address in this post.

All Cruelty Free

As I already said, I wanted to go cruelty free for a very long time. Today is the day it finally happens! And I’m super excited. But it took me a while and the why to this is the reason I write this post. I didn’t want to address this in the video where I actually declutter all my makeup, but I wanted to talk about it. Because I think I’m not the only one out there. So here I am, writing one of the most difficult posts I’ve done so far.

The Reasons It Took Me So Long

As you know, I love makeup duuuhh. And by doing so, I didn’t want to restrict myself by going cruelty free. I do makeup for several years now already and professional for about three years. I love it ever since. But in this time a lot of things changed, especially in the industry. When I started doing makeup, basically nobody cared about animal testing. I didn’t even think about it & I think most of us didn’t.

I’m a vegetarian as some of you might know and this has ever since I’ve been one, also effected the way I thought. Of course, you start thinking about the way animals are treated and that your job is one of the reasons why they’re treated badly. So I wanted to go cruelty free already a long time ago.

Now as said, when I starting doing makeup, there haven’t been as many companies which called themselves cruelty free and vegan. Most of the brands tested on animals and the one which didn’t most likely have been natural brands. And a few years ago natural brands weren’t that great. Let’s just keep it real here. The pigmentation wasn’t on point. And as a makeup artist you need products which work. That’s one reason why, I just now finally started to be cruelty free.

The Industry

Now that a lot of brands are cruelty free and stores sell amazing products which are cruelty free it’s far easier, especially as a working makeup artist. I have changed my habits of buying things already almost a year ago and tried to only buy cruelty free products, but I’ve never really said it out loud and went through my makeup to finally go all in.

The reason being. And I know, some of you don’t want to hear that. But I love a lot of products which are not cruelty free and it was hard as can be to finally change my habits and just find something new which is cruelty free. As a professional makeup artist you’ve learned to love product which work for almost everyone, I do have these so called holy grail products, but especially when it comes to complexion products, there are a lot of non cruelty free products I work with right now. And my habit of relying on them, made me not change and think further.

Another reason which also no one wants to hear, I’m super sure about that. I was so happy when I got on the pr list of mac cosmetics and didn’t want to loose this hard earned thing which actually almost made me cry and made me super happy. But guess what. Other brands which I love equally may on some point of my career come and they will make me as happy as this mail made me. And these brands will be cruelty free and stand for something I want to stand for as well.

I know, these are reasons which to you might sounds stupid or childish, but to me this was a big step to overcome.

The End

But now I’m here, writing about all this and actually I also find it silly and childish, that I argued about this with myself for such a long time, when actually what I should have thought about would be the harmed animals.

And I don’t want to be a missionary here, ’cause I hate people wanting to change other peoples lives, just because they made a choice for themselves. But to me it was a important step and I’m glad I finally had the balls or the ovaries to do it!

And today is not really about makeup, it’s actually about believing in yourself and realizing how easy it can be, to change something which has been important to you for a while! And at the End, it’s all about me and my decisions and how I feel about making them!

I hope for brands to realize, that that’s the future and for more people to change there minds. Because when we do, brands will follow!

The Declutter Video


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