Finally it’s here, the holiday season and with it there will come a few holiday looks for you! Of course I started with a more classic look. Winged liner, red lips, nothing says holiday makeup more than that! I’m going in full detail with this look, also with the winged liner, but if you want to see a full detailed video on winged liner itself, leave a comment so I know!

the look

I just love all about this holiday look. It’s easy to do, but for sure a statement and for me a look, I would wear to every christmas party.

holiday makeup look close

the makeup

the eyelid

Starting with the look I went in and defined my crease just a little bit so it doesn’t look flat with the winged liner afterwards. I also popped on some shimmer colors on the lid, you could also just go with a light matte color, if you want a little less. For me the eyes needed a little shimmer to balance out the glowing skin.

I finished the eyelid with a classic winged eyeliner, the way I always do winged eyeliner. Starting with small strokes from the middle of my lash line going inwards and then starting with the tail of the wing, imagining a line to my brow, filling it in with the same eyeliner and done! With a few tries it’s as easy as it sounds, at least most of the time. Winged liner doesn’t always play the same game as you do. When you keep that in mind, everything will turn out good!

lower part of the eye

On the lower lash line I used the same brown eyeshadows as on the lid and went in the outer corner with a dark brown to balance it out with the wing. Also it connects the lower with the upper part of the look and makes it one. Sometimes I also use black eyeshadow for this step, but brown is a little softer and works perfect with the overall look.

final touches

After the eyelook, I worked on my skin, to make it glowy and perfect. For details, watch the video, I tried to describe it as good as possible. Also, if you want to see how I do my eyebrows, theres an eyebrow routine for you already online.

I finished my look with red lips, with a touch of pink. You can achieve this lip look, by putting on red lipliner all over your lips, I used my Mac lipliner in brick for this particular look and finished with a pink glossy lipstick on top, which made a nice mix out of both worlds and I simply love the color!

products I used for the look: