As Jeffree Star announced his launch of the blood sugar palette I knew I want to have it. At the launch day I totally forgot about it and came 10 minutes late. The palette was sold out in under 5 minutes and well that’s also why this review is kind of late. I wanted to give you my thoughts on the blood sugar palette anyways. So here I am giving you my review on this beauty.

The Blood Sugar Palette

First things first. Besides the reveal video of Jeffree Star himself I didn’t watch any review video, because I wanted to have my own opinion on it. So I shut myself of the reviews for about 2 months now and as the palette finally arrived (after she was stuck in the custom clearance) I wasn’t able to film it. Now she was chilling around for a few days in my beauty space and I didn’t get her out of my head. So here I am, reviewing the palette after all.

Starting with the first look. Again, of course I saw pictures, but having the palette in your hands is something different. I’m a beauty lover and junkie if you will, so for me it’s kind of special. The palette is red faux leather with white lettering and looks like a little suitcase with the clasps on it. The packaging already got me!

Now digging into the blood sugar palette, I want to go over some hard facts. You get a eyeshadow palette with 18 shades, including matte, metallic and pressed pigments. Plus the palette is vegan and cruelty free. I want to underline this fact, because it actually is kind of hard to do red eyeshadows and still being vegan and cruelty free. Most of them include red bugs to make the pigmentation super vibrant. The palette will cost you 52 $ or about 43€ not including shipping.

jeffree star blood sugar palette

The look I created

Now let’s get into the look itself. I tried to incorporate as many shades as possible. Starting with the nudes, ofter the matte reds, into the metallics and pressed pigments. I tried them all as they are, without any additional product like setting spray or water to make them work better. I wanted to know how they work on their own. Of course I did a base underneath my eyeshadow, but I always do that. So I can cancel out my darkness and my veins.

Blending and pigmentation

For me, blendability and pigmentation are really important. As a makeup artist I have no time to work on a blend for hours. Starting with a soft brown color to test the fields, I already saw, that the pigmentation definitely is there and the blendability as well. Now when it comes to more vibrant colors, it’s not that easy anymore. Also when knowing, that the vibrant colors have a way different formular to other brands (vegan) I didn’t know what’s coming.

I went in with reds in every shade possible, from pink undertone, over a deep red into the more purple undertoned reds. And I couldn’t see any variation when it comes to the pigmentation nor the blend of the colors. in the video you can see, I also tried how far I can get with only dipping once and I was almost able to finish the second eye as well. I was and am still quite impressed by that.

I cut my crease and tried the metallic shades, as well as one pressed pigment (gold) which I think is the only one in the palette. All of them worked amazing without adding any spray or water to make them more vibrant or sticky. They layed down perfectly, no flaking and the colors stayed true to the colors showing in the palette. Super buttery and finely milled they are easy to apply and work out details.

the colors

So going into all the different formulas and colors. From light to dark and the whole range from white to dark brown. I first thought, maybe some won’t work together as well as others. I got especially concerned with the dark brown. Sometimes reds and browns are not willing to blend as seemless, as they don’t have the same undertone. With this brown there was no problem at all, as the undertone melted into the reds perfectly. You could even think it’s more an oxblood colored brown than a real brown. I do really enjoy this. All it all the colors are well thought out and who can create natural to super dramatic looks, basically everything you want.

jeffree star blood sugar palette

final thoughts

Okay, you might already know, I really enjoy the blood sugar palette from Jeffree Star Cosmetics! It’s a well thought out and designed palette, with a endless variety of looks to create. The only down side of the palette is the packaging. Only because it super balky and definitely not a palette easy to travel with. But I would still recommend it to everyone of you out there, which likes reds and leaning towards red brown tones. It’s a super pretty and well pigmented palette, which again is super easy to blend. I’m impressed!

jeffree star blood sugar palette

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