When I did the faux freckles the other day, I got super inspired and did a super glowy and light summer makeup. I love to wear light summer makeup and combining it with a lot of glow made my day! I included a little bit of a smokey eye, but you could do this light summer glow definitely without it and it would look just as cute!

Light Summer Glow Makeup

I did this makeup right after I did the faux freckles and just wanted my skin to look glowy and natural! I tried to do less face products which cover and more so only glowy and bronzing products. As you can see in the video, I went ham on the bronzer, so it looks like summer on my face 🙂

I know, the freckles on my nose are kind of too much, but I loved the look this day still so much! Combined with the flirty smokey eyes I felt so good and sexy.

That’s what I love about makeup. It makes you feel so amazing, when it turns out the way you want. Of course this doesn’t happen every day, but when it does I feel gorgeous, sexy and way more confident. It’s incredible what makeup is able to do with you and your mood.

This look did so much for me and yes, it might not be for everyone out there, but I completely dig it and will definitely wear looks like this more often in the future. It’s a little over the top, but so am I.

light summer glow

On A Different Note

I had an interesting experience the other day wearing my freckles and I wanted to share it with you. First, yes I know, they might not look super real, but I still like them! Somebody told me, that it looks like I’m sick and she had compassion with me, because she thought, I would look like this without makeup normally. Plus she said, why would anyone let this do to themselves? It’s horrible. You look sick! Why would you want to go out like this, when the reaction of other people would be so negative.

I had to let these thought sink in for a while, before I could answer. Not because I was offended or anything. I mean, of course these weren’t nice words at all, but I mean, I simply tried something semi permanent, so I had no problem with the nasty words she had for me.

What mad me worry, was the fact that she actually thinks, that I give a poops about the thoughts of others when I go out like this. Well, you might already guessed it, I don’t. And so shouldn’t you! Be yourself, try out things you want to and love to be different, because this is what makes the world colorful!

I love the look, you might not and that’s okay! Because we’re all different and have various opinions on things. The only thing I think is, you should always stay at least respectful, when you don’t like how people look, just look away or swipe away. That’s how easy it is!

Well this was kind of of-topic, but I needed to tell you this! STAY LIKE YOU ARE – don’t let other people make you the same!

light summer glow

Products I’ve used:

primer – St. Tropez Gradual Tan primer

foundation – Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder fair 2

concealer – Maybelline Fit Me 10 & Revolution Conceal and Define C1

powder – Cover FX Perfect Powder

Lips – NYX Professional Makeup #thisiseverything lipoil

contouring – Illamasqua Gel Sculpt & NYX Professional Makeup Illuminating Stick maui suntan

highlighter – Cover FX Costume Enhancer Drops moonlight

blush – Colourpop Super Cheek Shock parallel

Eyes – Stila Shadow Palette Mind

Mascara – Loreal Paradise

light summer glow light summer glow

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